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name: Docs issue
about: Documentation is unclear, or otherwise insufficient/misleading
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## Issue Description

### What was unclear/insufficient/not covered in the documentation

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### If possible: Provide some suggestion on how we can enhance the docs

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### Additional context
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## Issue Template Checklist

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### Is this issue dialect-specific?

- [ ] No. This issue is relevant to Sequelize as a whole.
- [ ] Yes. This issue only applies to the following dialect(s): XXX, YYY, ZZZ
- [ ] I don't know.

### Would you be willing to resolve this issue by submitting a Pull Request?

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- [ ] Yes, I have the time and I know how to start.
- [ ] Yes, I have the time but I don't know how to start, I would need guidance.
- [ ] No, I don't have the time, although I believe I could do it if I had the time...
- [ ] No, I don't have the time and I wouldn't even know how to start.