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New translations en.yml (Indonesian) #47645
Eugen Rochko authored d66294d4
git clone
codeclimate validate-config
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codeclimate validate-config
No errors or warnings found in .codeclimate.yml.
codeclimate prepare
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codeclimate prepare
builder pull-engines
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determining required images
docker pull
b1328: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-eslint
e79bb959ec00: Already exists
d4b7902036fe: Already exists
1b2a72d4e030: Already exists
d54db43011fd: Already exists
69d473365bb3: Already exists
6e2490ee2dc8: Already exists
a379571b1bfc: Pulling fs layer
7b9a41966503: Pulling fs layer
03b797dbf334: Pulling fs layer
2fcc7646d90c: Pulling fs layer
afd5dfa272c0: Pulling fs layer
8bef7454b1db: Pulling fs layer
37b8af2bd1aa: Pulling fs layer
1bc24d09a7fa: Pulling fs layer
8012365c1414: Pulling fs layer
a42e8abc490a: Pulling fs layer
da966627635a: Pulling fs layer
1bc24d09a7fa: Waiting
8bef7454b1db: Waiting
da966627635a: Waiting
37b8af2bd1aa: Waiting
8012365c1414: Waiting
2fcc7646d90c: Waiting
a42e8abc490a: Waiting
03b797dbf334: Download complete
2fcc7646d90c: Verifying Checksum
2fcc7646d90c: Download complete
7b9a41966503: Download complete
a379571b1bfc: Verifying Checksum
a379571b1bfc: Download complete
afd5dfa272c0: Verifying Checksum
afd5dfa272c0: Download complete
8bef7454b1db: Verifying Checksum
8bef7454b1db: Download complete
37b8af2bd1aa: Verifying Checksum
8012365c1414: Download complete
a42e8abc490a: Verifying Checksum
a42e8abc490a: Download complete
da966627635a: Verifying Checksum
da966627635a: Download complete
a379571b1bfc: Pull complete
7b9a41966503: Pull complete
03b797dbf334: Pull complete
1bc24d09a7fa: Verifying Checksum
1bc24d09a7fa: Download complete
2fcc7646d90c: Pull complete
afd5dfa272c0: Pull complete
8bef7454b1db: Pull complete
37b8af2bd1aa: Pull complete
1bc24d09a7fa: Pull complete
8012365c1414: Pull complete
a42e8abc490a: Pull complete
da966627635a: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:168272dbb1ae113c34ebcf3f041cbdf23c182cdb8ed268d2d202fdd910176725
Status: Downloaded newer image for
docker pull
b649: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-rubocop
aad63a933944: Already exists
cca28d9d22b9: Already exists
e46ee7bc75f6: Already exists
12139539199e: Already exists
c262dbdf41d7: Already exists
e1dd46a51c97: Pulling fs layer
3c96287b0274: Pulling fs layer
835bf35953fa: Pulling fs layer
52e0d1608c88: Pulling fs layer
703f61bf108c: Pulling fs layer
863413d180f5: Pulling fs layer
8a85414f9d80: Pulling fs layer
703f61bf108c: Waiting
52e0d1608c88: Waiting
863413d180f5: Waiting
3c96287b0274: Verifying Checksum
3c96287b0274: Download complete
e1dd46a51c97: Verifying Checksum
e1dd46a51c97: Download complete
e1dd46a51c97: Pull complete
835bf35953fa: Verifying Checksum
835bf35953fa: Download complete
3c96287b0274: Pull complete
835bf35953fa: Pull complete
703f61bf108c: Verifying Checksum
703f61bf108c: Download complete
863413d180f5: Download complete
8a85414f9d80: Verifying Checksum
8a85414f9d80: Download complete
52e0d1608c88: Verifying Checksum
52e0d1608c88: Download complete
52e0d1608c88: Pull complete
703f61bf108c: Pull complete
863413d180f5: Pull complete
8a85414f9d80: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:664b138ce469cd2346c0c460fe4ada87f3b8dddacababe27eef352c706a23de6
Status: Downloaded newer image for
docker pull
b842: Pulling from codeclimate/codeclimate-sass-lint
88286f41530e: Pulling fs layer
aa0be12c5610: Pulling fs layer
719d346e6de2: Pulling fs layer
e704ad20023f: Pulling fs layer
0807e06a3e43: Pulling fs layer
c93684b38fd3: Pulling fs layer
602237db4ccd: Pulling fs layer
bc788d9dde83: Pulling fs layer
d512d832051b: Pulling fs layer
aca4e97fdea5: Pulling fs layer
c93684b38fd3: Waiting
602237db4ccd: Waiting
bc788d9dde83: Waiting
d512d832051b: Waiting
aca4e97fdea5: Waiting
e704ad20023f: Waiting
0807e06a3e43: Waiting
88286f41530e: Verifying Checksum
88286f41530e: Download complete
719d346e6de2: Verifying Checksum
719d346e6de2: Download complete
88286f41530e: Pull complete
e704ad20023f: Verifying Checksum
e704ad20023f: Download complete
0807e06a3e43: Verifying Checksum
0807e06a3e43: Download complete
aa0be12c5610: Download complete
c93684b38fd3: Download complete
bc788d9dde83: Verifying Checksum
bc788d9dde83: Download complete
aca4e97fdea5: Verifying Checksum
aca4e97fdea5: Download complete
d512d832051b: Verifying Checksum
d512d832051b: Download complete
602237db4ccd: Verifying Checksum
602237db4ccd: Download complete
aa0be12c5610: Pull complete
719d346e6de2: Pull complete
e704ad20023f: Pull complete
0807e06a3e43: Pull complete
c93684b38fd3: Pull complete
602237db4ccd: Pull complete
bc788d9dde83: Pull complete
d512d832051b: Pull complete
aca4e97fdea5: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:4ac9cdb637b86657c5739bc73ee26dc03d6fbaa270c507f8de1690d5ffbb6495
Status: Downloaded newer image for
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
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Parser process id: 12
codeclimate-parser socket not present
waiting 1s...
brakeman engine documentation
bundler-audit engine documentation
eslint engine documentation
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Warning: React version was set to "detect" in eslint-plugin-react settings, but the "react" package is not installed. Assuming latest React version for linting.
Ignoring the following rules that rely on module resolution:
	 * import/extensionsimport/named
	 * import/namespace
	 * import/no-absolute-path
	 * import/no-cycle
	 * import/no-duplicates
	 * import/no-extraneous-dependencies
	 * import/no-named-as-default
	 * import/no-named-as-default-member
	 * import/no-restricted-paths
	 * import/no-unresolved
	 * node/no-hide-code-modules
	 * node/no-missing-require
Ignoring the following settings that rely on module resolution:
	 * import/resolver
Skipped modules
	 * undefined
rubocop engine documentation
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The following cops were added to RuboCop, but are not configured. Please set Enabled to either `true` or `false` in your `.rubocop.yml` file:
 - Layout/SpaceAroundMethodCallOperator (0.82)
 - Lint/RaiseException (0.81)
 - Lint/StructNewOverride (0.81)
 - Style/ExponentialNotation (0.82)
 - Style/HashEachMethods (0.80)
 - Style/HashTransformKeys (0.80)
 - Style/HashTransformValues (0.80)
For more information:
lib/paperclip/color_extractor.rb: Style/MethodParameterName has the wrong namespace - should be Naming
lib/paperclip/color_extractor.rb: Style/MethodParameterName has the wrong namespace - should be Naming
sass-lint engine documentation