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Function handleRequest has a Cognitive Complexity of 14 (exceeds 5 allowed). Consider refactoring.

    public function handleRequest($request)
        if (empty($this->catchAll)) {
            try {
                list($route, $params) = $request->resolve();
Severity: Minor
Found in framework/web/Application.php - About 1 hr to fix

Cognitive Complexity

Cognitive Complexity is a measure of how difficult a unit of code is to intuitively understand. Unlike Cyclomatic Complexity, which determines how difficult your code will be to test, Cognitive Complexity tells you how difficult your code will be to read and comprehend.

A method's cognitive complexity is based on a few simple rules:

  • Code is not considered more complex when it uses shorthand that the language provides for collapsing multiple statements into one
  • Code is considered more complex for each "break in the linear flow of the code"
  • Code is considered more complex when "flow breaking structures are nested"

Further reading

The class Application has a coupling between objects value of 13. Consider to reduce the number of dependencies under 13.

class Application extends \yii\base\Application
     * @var string the default route of this application. Defaults to 'site'.
Severity: Minor
Found in framework/web/Application.php by phpmd


Since: 1.1.0

A class with too many dependencies has negative impacts on several quality aspects of a class. This includes quality criteria like stability, maintainability and understandability


class Foo {
     * @var \foo\bar\X
    private $x = null;

     * @var \foo\bar\Y
    private $y = null;

     * @var \foo\bar\Z
    private $z = null;

    public function setFoo(\Foo $foo) {}
    public function setBar(\Bar $bar) {}
    public function setBaz(\Baz $baz) {}

     * @return \SplObjectStorage
     * @throws \OutOfRangeException
     * @throws \InvalidArgumentException
     * @throws \ErrorException
    public function process(\Iterator $it) {}

    // ...

Source https://phpmd.org/rules/design.html#couplingbetweenobjects

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