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We've got quality, covered.

Every commit has the ability to improve, or reduce, the quality of your codebase. With the right information, team members can be sure they're only merging clean, healthy, well-tested code.

Test coverage

  • Coverage of New Code
  • Per-File Coverage
  • Overall Coverage


  • Duplication
  • Complexity
  • Structure

Merge with confidence

Product one

Set your thresholds for code quality

Customize your test coverage target and decide which technical debt issues should be considered blockers.

Seamless GitHub integration

Get technical debt and test coverage information displayed line-by-line on GitHub via our browser extension.

Product two
Product three

Simple pass fail statuses

Pull request statuses help you decide at-a-glance if code is ready to merge. Fine-grained permissions ensure the right people are in the loop.

Step progress

Track your progress week to week

Your progress report shows a summary of the most important changes that were merged, perfect for your weekly retrospectives.

Step trends

Visualize long-term trends in your codebase

Your trends page helps you step back from the details and determine if your overall code quality is getting better or worse.

Step hot spot

Identify hot spots to focus on what matters

Correlate code quality information against areas of high churn so you can focus your efforts on files with inadequate coverage or maintainability issues.

Step compare

Compare code quality across all your projects

Get an at-a-glance view of how your projects stack up next to each other and see which need more attention.

Everything you need to ship better code, faster.

Features feature one

Individual pull request statuses for coverage and maintainability

Features feature two

Browser extension for GitHub

Features feature three


Features feature four

Shared, organization-wide configuration

Features feature five

Run analysis locally with IDE/editor integrations and CLI

Features feature six

Integration with ticket systems like Jira, Trello and GitHub Issues

Features feature seven

GitHub OAuth, two-factor authentication and enterprise-grade security baked in

Features feature eight

Runs on-premises or in your private cloud

Features feature nine

Extensible platform with 30+ plugins available

Features feature ten

Team management and fine-grained permissions

Features feature eleven

Customizable notifications over Slack and email

Features feature twelve

Test coverage of new lines of code