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Quality by Code Climate provides automated code review for test coverage, maintainability and more so that you can save time and merge with confidence.

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Take control of code quality
Pull request page

Receive automated code review comments on your pull requests.

Our 10-point technical debt assessment provides real-time feedback, so you can save time and focus on what matters in your code review discussions.

Pull request status

Get test coverage right, every time.

See coverage line by line within diffs. Never merge code without sufficient tests again.

Slack integration

Win the fight against technical debt.

At a glance, identify frequently changed files that have inadequate coverage and maintainability issues. Track your progress against measurable goals, day-by-day.


Identify hot spots to focus on what matters.

Correlate code quality information against areas of high churn so you can focus your efforts on files with inadequate coverage or maintainability issues.

We speak your language.

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Everything you need to ship better code, faster.

Features feature one

Individual pull request statuses for coverage and maintainability

Features feature two

Browser extension for GitHub

Features feature three


Features feature four

Shared, organization-wide configuration

Features feature five

Run analysis locally with IDE/editor integrations and CLI

Features feature six

Integration with ticket systems like Jira, Trello and GitHub Issues

Features feature seven

GitHub OAuth, two-factor authentication and enterprise-grade security baked in

Features feature eight

Runs on-premises or in your private cloud

Features feature ten

Team management and fine-grained permissions