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/ # High rework, Many cooks 12 AM 8 PM 4 PM 12 PM 8 AM 4 AM 12 AM 28 Jan 27 Jan 26 Jan 25 Jan 24 Jan 23 Jan 22 Jan

How is each developer contributing to the team?

PRs Merged Coding Days Time to merge Efficiency PRs Reviewed

How do my team’s KPIs compare to industry averages?

Benchmarks KPI Your Org vs. Industry Average Weekly Coding Days Time to Review Time to Merge Loss Rate Rework Ratio Bug Fixing Ratio

Which pull requests
are high risk?

Velocity by Code Climate Risky Pull Request APP 3:30 PM Dismiss Snooze Take a look

How long are my developers waiting for code review?

Time to Review January 201 7 Time to Review 37 hours

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