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Empower Engineering Excellence with Data

Align initiatives with strategic priorities, accelerate software delivery, and drive continuous improvement with the leading Engineering Intelligence Solution.

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Engineering Management, Reimagined

Software development teams used to operate in the dark — forced to make decisions based on gut feel and anecdotes — causing friction, creating silos, and leading to mediocre outcomes. Today, forward-thinking engineering leaders leverage data-driven insights to build a culture of trust and high performance.

  • Align

    Align on business priorities with improved transparency across every level of your organization, and ensure optimal resource allocation for your engineering teams.

  • Deliver

    Deliver high quality code quickly and consistently to achieve true Continuous Delivery and out-innovate your competition.

  • Improve

    Improve your team’s processes and engineering skills to create a high performance culture, boost pipeline efficiency, and increase employee engagement.

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“Springbuk increased Pull Requests merged by 64%.”

Insights from Velocity made it possible to identify and replicate best practices across teams, boosting organization-wide productivity.

  • Target –
    Decrease pull request size
  • Goal
    100 LOC
  • Success Rate
  • Average
    76 LOC
Personal Targets
  • Target
    Faster code reviews
  • Goal
    12 hours
  • Success Rate
  • Average
    18 hours
Team Targets

Velocity unlocks the power of your engineering data to help your team keep up with business demands

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“Velocity has allowed us to definitively track our team progress, accelerate code reviews, and, ultimately, ship value to our customers significantly faster.”

— Jacob Boudreau, CTO, Stord
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