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How Velocity Metrics Can Help Your Team Achieve Continuous Delivery [Webinar]

Hillary Nussbaum

By: Hillary Nussbaum
March 09, 2021

How Velocity Metrics can help your team achieve continuous delivery

Engineering leaders looking to drive high performance and achieve Continuous Delivery often hear that metrics are the answer.

With metrics, it’s possible to objectively evaluate your team’s progress, measure it against industry benchmarks, and set targets for improvement.

But how should metrics be used? If you’re looking to translate Continuous Delivery ideals into actual practices and processes, where should you start?

In this free, 30-minute on-demand webinar, Code Climate Engineering Data Specialist, Nico Snyder, explains how Velocity metrics can help you implement Continuous Delivery best practices on your team.

He offers actionable strategies for:

  • Identifying the metrics that matter most in your organization
  • Using metrics to understand where your team stands
  • Setting quantitative targets and driving progress towards those goals

To find out more about how engineering metrics can help your team, reach out to one of our product specialists.

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