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BlogMar 05

The Future of DevOps Data is Open

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Bryan Helmkamp

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Introducing the first open platform for software engineering data

The data necessary to understand the entire software delivery process is increasingly fragmented. To ship a single feature, a team may take advantage of 10+ tools, from project management, to version control, CI/CD, feature flags and more.

At Code Climate, we’ve learned that combining data from different sources enables higher-level insights. For example, PagerDuty can tell you how often your developers are getting woken up—but it can’t tell you the impact on innovation. Adding Jira data enables you to understand the delays those incidents have on feature initiatives.

To unlock the full value from these data sources, we need:

  1. A standard language for understanding DevOps concepts
  2. A simple way to connect to the wide array of engineering tools

And that’s exactly what we’re excited to be announcing today.

Code Climate Engineering Data Platform

We’re launching the Code Climate Engineering Data Platform with:

Each Connector requests data from a DevOps tool’s API and outputs a set of records conforming to the data schema. Here’s how it works:

Connector Reference Implementation

To kick things off, we’re open sourcing Connector reference implementation for PagerDuty, CircleCI and Codecov, all written in Node.js.

We believe that the future of DevOps data is open, and today, we’re taking the first step towards making this vision a reality.

The Code Climate Community

We created the first extensible ecosystem for code quality four years ago. There are now 50+ static analysis and test coverage tools available, developed by thousands of community contributors, benefiting millions of engineers. Companies like GitLab have used it as the foundation for their code quality solutions.

With the new Engineering Data Platform, we’re helping the broader software development community build the first open standards for all engineering and DevOps data. We’d love your feedback or contributions on everything we are announcing today (it’s all in draft form!).

Here’s how you can get involved:

We look forward to building the next generation of Velocity and Quality features using this new, open standard. We’re also excited to see how others will take advantage of the Code Climate Engineering Data Platform to build products and tools we haven’t even thought of yet.

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