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Using Velocity Metrics to Level Up Senior Engineers and Coach New Hires [Webinar]

Hillary Nussbaum

By Hillary Nussbaum February 19

Using Velocity metrics to level up senior engineers and coach new hires Banner

In this free, 45-minute webinar for CTOs, VPs, and managers of managers, we explain how an engineering analytics tool like Velocity can help every member of your team excel — whether they’re a new hire or an emerging leader.

  •  Code Climate Engineering Data Specialist, Sherianne Bolling, walks through the Velocity metrics and reports you need to scale your team while empowering ICs and managers to level up.
  •  CTO of Greenlight, James Gaythwaite, discusses how Velocity metrics are helping him lead his team through a period of hyper growth. With Velocity, he is able to:
    • Support new hires struggling to get up to speed
    • Identify high performers and give them opportunities to grow into leaders
    • Empower managers to improve team processes and become more effective coaches

To find out how Velocity can help you level up members of your team, reach out and talk to a product specialist.

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