Launching Today: Automated Refactoring

Sasha Rezvina

By Sasha Rezvina April 01

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Code Climate is proud to announce a revolution in how software is built. To date, we’ve been providing developers actionable insights to help write maintainable code. The feedback, while useful, still requires care and collaboration to incorporate.

Today, we’re significantly streamlining the development process with our new Automated, 1-Click Refactoring feature.

Automated Refactoring Magic Wand

Compared to the legacy approach of refactoring by hand, Automated Refactoring provides many advantages:

  1. Saves lots of time by replacing nuanced discussion with a definitive solution
  2. Appeases your CTO who has imposed an arbitrary, ill-defined requirement that all features must be “refactored” before they are shipped
  3. Works when you’re too lazy to go talk to that guy who worked on that thing one time
  4. Boosts your Git commit stats to get a bigger bonus at the end of the year
  5. As a substitute for head desk-inducing conversations with difficult team members

Here’s what David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) had to say after testing it out:

“When most programmers refactor, they produce shit. Code Climate’s automated refactoring tool produces code that is decidedly not shit.”

Automated Refactoring is in public beta for all Code Climate customers, and select Open Source repos. To see it in action, navigate to a class you’ve been struggling to refactor and click the magic wand:

Automated Refactoring

Automated Refactoring is free during our public beta period. Pricing is yet to be determined, but will be significant.

Editor’s Note: Automated Refactoring is no longer available. After April 1st, we determined that the feature was too revolutionary, and it was taken down. For posterity, the revolution was captured on YouTube.

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