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Launching Today: Security Monitor by Code Climate

Sasha Rezvina

By: Sasha Rezvina
March 19, 2013

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Today we’re very excited to publicly launch our new Security Monitor feature! It’s our next step in bringing you clear, timely and actionable information from your codebase.

SEC Dashboard

Security Monitor regularly scans your Rails apps and lets your team know as soon as new potential vulnerabilities are found. It keeps your app and data safe by catching common security issues code before they reach production.

Some large organizations employ security specialists to review every commit before they go live, but many teams can’t afford that cost and the slowdown on their release cycles. Security Monitor gives you a second set of eyes on every commit – eyes that are well trained to spot common Rails security issues – but much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

(We love security experts, we just think their time is better spent on the hard security problems rather than common, easily detectible issues.)

Code Climate keeps getting better

We’ve been astonished and humbled by the growth of Code Climate over the past year. What began as a simple project to make static analysis easy for Ruby projects has grown into much more than that. The praise has been overwhelming:

“I’ve only been using Code Climate for about 10 minutes and it’s already become one of the most useful tools we have access to.” —Ryan Kee

Every day we work to make the product even better for our customers. Since we’ve launched, we’ve added things like:

  • Easy-to-understand A-F ratings for each class and Quality GPAs
  • Class Compare view for identifying exactly what changed
  • Quality alerts and totally new weekly summary emails
  • Trends charts and churn metrics
  • GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, and Lighthouse integration

Now that Security Monitor is out the door, the next big feature we are working on is Branch Testing. Soon, you’ll be able to easily see the quality changes and new security risks of every feature branch and pull request before they get merged into master.

Changes to our pricing

Our current plans have been in place for over a year, and the product has changed tremendously in that time. We believe (and we’ve been told many times) that Code Climate is much more valuable today than it was when started.

Additionally, Security Monitor has proven to be incredibly valuable to teams looking for help trying to catch risky code before it makes its way into production. We wouldn’t be able to offer it on all plans, so we’re making some changes.

Today we’re rolling out new plans for private accounts:

New Quality Pricing

I’d like to address some common questions…

I’m a current customer. How does this affect me?

We love you. Your support was key to getting Code Climate to this point. The plan you’re currently on isn’t changing at all, and won’t for at least two years.

Also, we think if you’re running Rails in a commercial capacity you’d strongly benefit from upgrading to our Team plan, which has the Security Monitor feature we talked about above.

To make that a no-brainer decision for you, we’ll comp you $25 a month for the next two years if you upgrade to a Team, Company or Enterprise plan before April 2nd. Look for an email with a link to upgrade arriving today (Tuesday, March 19th).

Also, big new features like Branch/Pull Request Testing will only be available on the new plans, upgrade now to avoid missing out on this big, one-time discount.

I’m on the fence about Code Climate. What should I do?

To make it easy for you to get off the fence, we’re extending a discount of $25/month for the next two years ($600 value) if you start a free trial before April 2nd. Now is the best time to start a free trial and lock in that discount.

Why charge per user?

Ultimately, it is best for you guys, our customers, if our pricing creates a vibrant, sustainable company that can be here for the long haul and improving Code Climate so that it continues to create massive value for your businesses.

Within that overarching goal, we’d like our pricing to scale with customer success: we’d like entry-level users to be able to get started without sacrificing too much ramen and for extraordinarily successful software companies to pay appropriately given the value Code Climate creates for them.

It turns out that per-repository pricing doesn’t necessarily proxy customer success all that well: Google, for example, is rumored to have a grand total of one Perforce repository. Many smaller teams (like the good folks at Travis CI) have dozens, given that Git encourages a one-repo-per-project workflow. To more appropriately balance prices between small teams and the Google’s of the world (not technically a customer yet but hey, Larry, call me), we’re adding a per-user component to pricing.

This largely affects larger commercial enterprises which are used to per-seat licensing, have defined budgets for per-employee expenses (like healthcare, training, and equipment, next to which Code Climate is very reasonably priced), and can easily see the substantial business value created by lowering software maintenance costs, keeping projects on track, and reducing security risk.

It also lets us invest substantially in development operations to support new features like Security Monitor which are most critically needed by larger teams, while keeping the basic Code Climate offering available and reasonably priced for all teams and 100% free for open source projects.

I’m a student or non-profit. Can you help?

Yes. We now offer educational and non-profit discounts to qualifying people and organizations. We’re interested in supporting you.

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