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The Engineering Intelligence Managers Need is Now Free, Forever

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Hillary Nussbaum

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Announcing the launch of Velocity for Teams, a new lightweight version of our flagship engineering analytics platform, designed specifically for frontline managers.

Managers of smaller teams typically have a pretty good sense of what’s happening on their team at a given moment. But when you’re so directly involved in the development process, it can be difficult to find time to step back and see the bigger picture:

  • How does this month’s output compare to last month’s?
  • How effective is your code review process?
  • How can you set your team members up for longterm career growth?

To keep your team continuously improving, you need a streamlined way to answer big-picture questions and check your gut instincts.

An engineering analytics platform can provide key data-driven insights to help you drive long-term improvements. With comprehensive engineering metrics and actionable reports, you’ll be able to spot potential bottlenecks as they arise, measure your team’s progress towards key goals, and have more focused, data-driven conversations.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that teams of up to 10 developers can now use the Velocity platform for free, with no trial period or end date.

What’s Inside Velocity for Teams

Velocity for Teams offers a limited selection of some of our most popular reports, specifically geared towards engineering managers.

Reports like the Activity Log make it possible to visualize all of the work that’s occurring on your team, so you can balance work between engineers, and ensure each team member’s workload meets your expectations. With a clear picture of all engineering activity, you’ll be able to identify developers who may be having trouble with a particular unit of work, or those who are at risk of burnout.

engineering activity log

The Work in Progress report can save you up to 30 minutes every day by surfacing all at-risk Pull Requests, so you don’t have to sift through all ongoing work in your VCS to see where your team might be stuck.

work in progress report

The Targets report allows you to action what you learn elsewhere in the platform. You can set customizable goals, and track your team’s progress over time. It can also point you towards instances where your team fell short of a given goal, so you can have more focused team discussions about what went wrong and what could be improved.

cycle time targets

Every engineering team is different, but each one can benefit from the thoughtful application of engineering analytics. With 7 reports and over 40 key metrics, Velocity for Teams provides visibility into your development pipeline, giving you actionable information you can use to drive conversations in stand-ups and retros, coach junior developers, and improve Continuous Delivery processes.

Sign up for Velocity and see what metrics can do for your organization.

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