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Webinar Recap: Running Virtual Meetings with Data

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Natalie Breuer

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“Meetings are expensive in person, and they’re even more expensive remotely. There’s a psychological overhead to bringing people together in a remote setting,” told us Noah Davis in his webinar on how engineering leaders can use data to run more effective remote meetings.

As teams go remote, the function of meetings changes. Team members lack context and use meetings to play catch-up rather than to discuss and make critical improvements. But when managers use remote meetings as status updates, they’re squandering the opportunity to help their team in the long-term.

In addition to advising hundreds of customers on data-driven best practices, Code Climate Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success, Noah Davis has nearly a decade of experience helping both developers and managers improve the speed and quality of engineering work.

"Assume best intentions of your engineers. Focus on the work, not the individual. Look for ways you can help."

In this webinar, Noah explained how to dig into engineering data from Velocity reports to get your team on the same page and keep meetings focused and productive. He shared actionable tips for spotting daily, weekly, and monthly trends in your data, so you can ensure that:

  • Stand-ups are about unblocking engineers, not catching managers up
  • Retros are about helping your team diagnose problems and process fault lines, not venting
  • 1:1s are about constructive feedback and career development, not micromanaging

Noah pointed out that by walking into meetings already context-aware, you can replace check-ins with more informed conversations about how the team can stay on track.

Access the full webinar for free here.

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