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Engineering Leadership Summit

Join us for our annual one-day conference for engineering managers, heads, VPs, directors and CTOs who are looking to continuously grow as leaders. Learn from industry leaders about how to succeed in senior management by driving high-performance in your organization.
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The Pearl is easily accessible by public transportation (T-Third Street Light Rail: 22 and 48 Muni Bus Routes; 22nd Street Caltrain Station), and by car via Highway 280, Mariposa Street Exit.


Edith harbaugh

Edith Harbaugh

CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly

Edith has more than 10 years of experience in product, engineering and marketing with both consumer and enterprise startups. She was Product Director at TripIt, where she launched TripIt for Business and ExpenseIt. She holds two patents in deployment.

Will larson

Will Larson

CTO of Calm

Will has been an engineering leader at Digg, Uber, Stripe, and, as of 2020, Calm. Last year, he published a book on Technical Leadership called An Elegant Puzzle. He's known for his blog Irrational Exuberance (

Bryan helmkamp

Bryan Helmkamp

CEO, Code Climate

Bryan Helmkamp is the founder and CEO of Code Climate, where he helps software development teams improve code quality. Over the past six years, Code Climate has helped thousands of organizations improve their code review workflows and ship better code in less time. Prior to Code Climate, Bryan was CTO at Efficiency 2.0, a company focused on using science to help people lower their energy use, and also an engineer at Gilt Groupe. He has given talks on software engineering principles and practices around the world. Bryan co-authored the book “Service Oriented Design with Ruby” and also “The RSpec Book”.

Tara ellis

Tara Ellis

Manager of UI Engineering at Netflix

Tara is an accomplished Technical Leader with seven years experience leading cross-functional teams. She has worked with onshore and offshore teams across multiple timezones and has experience leading cross- functional teams (Front-End Engineers, Back-End Engineers, SDET’s, QA).

Katie womersley

Katie Womersley

VP of Engineering, Buffer

Katie is the VP of Engineering at Buffer, which is a globally distributed team with no offices. She’s co-authored “97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know” and "Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams", both with O’Reilly. Katie is currently lead author on the definitive guide to remote work, coming soon through She champions remote work and and personal flourishing.


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“The content presented was extremely valuable and informative. The participants were empathetic, engaged, and interested in community building.”

Unwind & Connect with Peers

“The event was focused, well run, with relevant speakers and subject matter. Small enough to get to engage with speakers, but large enough to meet an interesting variety of people.”

Welcoming Community of Leaders

“The people there were awesome. At the happy hour, I felt I was among old friends. Thanks!”
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“I could go through and mention all the talks because they were all really good, everyone really well-prepared with something on their heart, kudos for that selection!



  • LaunchDarkly is the feature management platform developers and operations teams are using to eliminate risk from their software development cycles. As companies transition to a world built on software, there is an increasing requirement to move quickly, balanced with the desire to maintain control. Modern development teams use feature management as a best practice to separate code deployments from feature releases, so they can turn code on/off without having to redeploy. With LaunchDarkly, teams control their entire feature lifecycles from concept to launch to value.