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Another set of eyes on every commit.


Take control of existing technical debt and prevent your codebase from becoming a mess. Code Climate raises the visibility of potential design issues like duplication and excessive complexity before they turn into maintainability problems.


Security issues happen. Vulnerabilities creep in. The key is when they are found and how they are addressed. Security Monitor helps protect your business by identifying 20 different types of common Rails app vulnerabilities before they become disasters.


Applying a consistent style guide makes code easier to read. Rather than wasting time nitpicking on Pull Requests, let Code Climate take care of it for you. Our automated style guide enforcement helps streamline code reviews and get Pull Requests merged faster. Coming soon to Ruby and PHP.

Test Coverage

Well tested code is the key to easy refactoring and bug-free deployments. Our test coverage analysis helps teams meet their testing goals, and makes it easy to spot risky code paths.

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Code Climate Customers
chad pytel ceo of thoughtbot

Code Climate helps us deliver higher quality software to our customers and fix critical security issues in our applications.
It's as indispensable to us as GitHub.

Chad Pytel, CEO of Thoughtbot
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