Engineering leaders need Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platforms. Find out more.

Empower Engineering Excellence with Data

Align initiatives with strategic priorities, accelerate software delivery, and drive continuous improvement with the leading Software Engineering Intelligence platform.

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Why Code Climate

Engineering Management, Reimagined

Software development teams used to operate in the dark — forced to make decisions based on gut feel and anecdotes — causing friction, creating silos, and leading to mediocre outcomes. Today, forward-thinking engineering leaders leverage data-driven insights to build a culture of trust and high performance.

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Align on business priorities with improved transparency across every level of your organization, and ensure optimal resource allocation for your engineering teams.

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Deliver high quality code quickly and consistently to achieve true Continuous Delivery and out-innovate your competition.

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Improve your team’s processes and engineering skills to create a high performance culture, boost pipeline efficiency, and increase employee engagement.

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Springbuk increased Pull Requests merged by 64%.

Insights from Velocity made it possible to identify and replicate best practices across teams, boosting organization-wide productivity.

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Velocity unlocks the power of your engineering data to help your team keep up with business demands

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Meet every deadline by delivering projects faster and more efficiently

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Drive elite performance through data-driven coaching

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Bridge communication gaps with Product and the C-suite

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Streamline decision making with quantitative insights

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“Velocity has allowed us to definitively track our team progress, accelerate code reviews, and, ultimately, ship value to our customers significantly faster.”

Jacob Boudreau, CTO, Stord
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Success Stories

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La Haus doubled engineering productivity with Velocity

With newfound visibility into their development pipeline, La Haus’s engineers refined their processes and cut Cycle Time in half.

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Quantifying Engineering’s Impact on Revenue

Kazoo’s engineering leadership team understood that helping developers learn habits to become more effective in their work was a critical part of executing on business needs, but lacked the data to help them do so.

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Bizzabo super-charged innovation by 95%

Transparent use of flow metrics motivated the Bizzabo engineering team to keep improving, ultimately boosting Pull Request Throughput 95% in one year.

Stay Informed

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How Velocity Metrics Can Help Your Team Achieve Continuous Delivery [Webinar]

Engineering leaders looking to drive high performance and achieve Continuous Delivery often hear that metrics are the answer.

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Customer Interview: Santiago García, CTO and Co-Founder at La Haus

In this customer interview, we talked to Santiago García, CTO and Co-Founder at La Haus. Santiago shared how using Velocity metrics helped him gain visibility into La Haus’s engineering processes and drive improvements.

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Using Velocity Metrics to Level Up Senior Engineers and Coach New Hires [Webinar]

In this free, 45-minute webinar for CTOs, VPs, and managers of managers, we explain how an engineering analytics tool like Velocity can help every member of your team excel — whether they’re a new hire or an emerging leader.

Want to learn more about Velocity?

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