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BlogOct 24

Launched: Code Climate for JavaScript

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Sasha Rezvina

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Today we’re thrilled to announce that Code Climate is taking a giant step forward and launching support for JavaScript. Writing maintainable, bug-free JavaScript presents all of the challenges (and then some) of writing high quality Ruby, and now you can take advantage of Code Climate’s automated code reviews for your client-side JS and Node.js projects.

JavaScript Code Detail

Code Climate launched out of the Ruby community, with the goal of helping developers ship quality code faster, regardless of the language they are using. With advances to client-side programming (Ember.js, Backbone, etc.) and the fast growth of Node.js on the server-side, now more than ever JavaScript is used to express critical business logic. That code needs to be free from defects, and it needs to be maintainable over the long term. As a first class language in a developer’s modern toolkit, JavaScript should have the tooling to match.

Create a Code Climate account and add your first JavaScript project today.

What does it do?

JavaScript projects on Code Climate benefit from the extensive work we’ve done over the past few years to make a tool that provides the most actionable, timely feedback on code changes including:

  • Simple A-F letter ratings for every JavaScript file
  • An overall project GPA to track code improvements over time
  • Email, chat integration and activity feeds for timely notifications
  • Integration with issue trackers like GitHub Issues and Pivotal Tracker

In addition, because code linting is often important to ensure consistent, predictable execution of JavaScript across browsers, we’ve built in configurable JSHint checks. Here’s an example from Node.js:

JavaScript Lint Warnings

(JSHint is configured by checking in a .jshintrc file into your repository. If you already have one, we’ll use it automatically.)

How do I use it?

To add private projects to Code Climate, you’ll first need to create an account. As of today, new repositories added to your Code Climate dashboard will have a dropdown menu to choose which language you would like us to analyze:

New JavaScript Repository

Note: Right now we are able to support one language per repository, but this is something that we will be improving in the future. As many Rails projects leverage JavaScript extensively, we want you to be able to see the effects of all of the changes to your codebase on each commit, and we are working to make that easier.

As always, Code Climate is free for open-source projects on GitHub. Add your OSS JavaScript projects today.

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