Today I’m excited to announce that Code Climate is free for open source projects. Many open source projects were added during the closed beta, and you can see them all on the new Explore page. (To learn more about what Code Climate provides and how it works, check out the homepage.)

This has been in the plans since the beginning and was one of the common requests since the launch for private accounts. It feels great to finally have it out the door. My hope is that Code Climate becomes as valuable a tool to Ruby open source development as Travis CI.

Code quality is especially important for OSS because of the large number of contributors they attract. Now quality metrics can complement a suite of automated tests to help ensure you’re shipping rock solid releases. Look out for more features around this coming soon.

Popular projects on Code Climate

You might be interested in taking a look at:

How to add repositories

To add any Ruby app or library that is hosted in a public GitHub repository, visit the Add GitHub Repository page. Just provide the name of the repo (e.g. thoughtbot/paperclip) and your email address. Code Climate will clone the project, analyze it, and shoot you an email when the metrics are ready. This only takes a few minutes.

Actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

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