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Introducing Developer360: The First Full Picture Of Engineering Work

Natalie Breuer

By: Natalie Breuer
July 23, 2020

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Velocity now features a comprehensive view of developer work-in-progress, performance, and skill development — all in one place.

The information required to lead an engineering team is increasingly scattered.

To answer even simple questions like ‘How is my team performing?’ and ‘Is our current sprint on track?’ an engineering manager may need to check as many as ten different systems — version control, project management, feature flags, DevOps tools, and incident management, to name a few. Even so, this fragmented means of information seeking often doesn’t provide a clear answer.

What’s more, a lack of visibility upstream can lead to significant negative effects downstream, like:

  • Broken sprints and missed milestones
  • Burnt-out developers and high employee turnover
  • Inability to actively manage developer performance and achieve excellence as a team

We believe that in order to create a culture that both motivates engineers and improves their ability to drive innovation, managers need a comprehensive picture of where their team members are succeeding and where they can improve.

Our mission at Code Climate is to empower leaders with tools to drive high-performance. Today, as the next step in this mission, we’re launching Velocity’s newest feature, Developer360, to enable managers to build elite organizations with data-driven insights.

Support engineering excellence with a comprehensive view of developer work, performance, and skills — all in one place.

What’s Developer360?

In order to empower their team to achieve excellence, every manager needs a quick way of knowing:

  • What are engineers on my team working on? Is anyone stuck right now?
  • How are junior team members developing their foundational skills? What challenges have they been facing?
  • What’s in each developer’s technical toolbox? Are there any language gaps on my team?

Developer360 gives you instant visibility into your developer’s active work, improvements along key metrics, and skills.

Identify High-Risk Pull Requests

Frontline managers typically rely on stand-ups to check in on work-in-progress. But despite great intentions, even the best engineering teams don’t always bring up issues early.

Developer360 Snapshot tab

The Snapshot report brings potential WIP issues to your attention before they derail one of your sprints.

Developer360 Feed

The all-new Velocity Feed (far right) provides a chronological visualization of all an engineer’s recent work, including commits, requested changes, and opened or closed PRs.

With a scan of this report, you can start each day already aware of what’s been taking up a developer’s attention as well as what challenges they’ve been facing.

Scope the Opportunity for Improvement

The more time engineering managers spend providing engineers with proper guidance, the more they’re investing in their team’s future.

Developer360 Foundations tab

The Foundations tab is a source of quantitative data managers can bring to coaching sessions. At a glance, a manager can see each contributor’s average over a given time period, how they’ve trended over that period, and their percentile performance.

Dig into a capacity metric like Impact, which measures the magnitude of changes to the codebase over a period of time. This metric can help you uncover high performers who may deserve recognition, or serve as an early warning sign that this team member may be in need of some coaching.

Incorporate this data into 1:1s and performance conversations to check your biases, come to a shared understanding of where strengths and weaknesses lie, and set quantitative, actionable goals.

Support Your Engineers’ Professional Growth

Part of an engineering manager’s job is knowing what coding languages each developer has been working in so that they can distribute upcoming work, track migrations, and support professional development.

Developer360 Skills tab

The Skills tab provides a visual summary of a developer’s technical toolbox, so that managers can come to planning and coaching sessions already aware of what skills each engineer has mastered (and what they’re still learning).

Get a sense of an engineer’s language gaps, and work with them to improve their expertise.

Data-Driven Coaching for High-Performance Teams

Engineering is only as strong as its contributors, and as such, building a culture of excellence starts on the individual level. Establishing a complete and shared understanding of how contributors are performing on a micro level will allow you to level-up the way your team is working on a macro level.

When developers are empowered to perform at their best, the entire organization benefits:

  • Product is happy when changes can be deployed at a predictable pace.
  • Sales can more effectively drive revenue with new features to show prospects.
  • Stakeholders see value delivered to customers more frequently.

We’re excited to build on top of Developer360 in our mission to provide engineering leaders with the visibility required to level up their teams. This is just the start of our undertaking to establish Velocity as the single source of truth for software engineering.

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