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The Engineering Leader's Guide to Empowering Excellence with Data

Whitney Diehl

By: Whitney Diehl
November 02, 2021

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Effective engineering leaders today deftly balance the needs of their organization with the needs of their developers. Tasked with making strategic decisions, coaching their teams, and driving process improvements to meet business objectives and key results, leaders are often distanced from the actual work of writing code. As such, leaders must empower their team members to excel, and engineering intelligence data can help in a number of ways.   

Find out how data can help you cultivate an engineering environment that drives success in our new ebook, The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Empowering Excellence with Data. 

Focusing on four key areas—removing blockers, minimizing micromanagement, personalizing coaching, and fostering a culture of psychological safety—our ebook will help you gain actionable insights from data, rather than gut feelings, to achieve a developer-focused work environment.   

empowering excellence with data

With the right data, you can determine when to step in to lend support, and when to step back and encourage autonomy, so you can empower your team members to go above and beyond. Used thoughtfully, data can help you build stronger, more successful teams and drive continuous improvement. 

empowering excellence with data

An empowered team is a successful team. Download our ebook (for free!) today. 

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