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Code Climate Named #1 in Software Development Analytics Tools — G2 Mid-Market Grid

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By: Code Climate
December 13, 2022

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G2, the world’s largest marketplace for software, just released their 2023 list of best software products.

Code Climate is proud to announce Velocity’s ranking as #1 in Software Development Analytics Tools in G2’s Mid-Market Grid (reviews from mid-size companies of 51-1,000 employees), and #2 for G2’s Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools, earning us two Leader badges. Velocity has also ranked top-3 in five different reports for Winter 2023.

Our customers have recognized us as leaders in best-in-class software products and experiences. Our ranking is based on reviews from actual Code Climate customers who’ve used Velocity to successfully address pain points of their engineering teams.

Here’s what our customers are saying about Velocity: 

“Velocity has enabled us to measure the effectiveness of process changes, as well as identify the operational bottlenecks that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. It helps us create key results by which we can measure the effectiveness of changes we make in our development cycles. We have  identified methods of reducing our overall Cycle Time thanks to these insights.” — Ross Finkelstein, Director, Delivery at Wattpad

“The main problem that Code Climate is solving is how we can create a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Velocity is helping us to streamline our code delivery, providing us with actionable metrics that our managerial team can use to set SMART goals for the engineering teams. We also like the customer success team that has been helping us. They have been very collaborative and supportive.” — Euclides F., Head of DevSecOps (LATAM)

For more testimonials or to leave your own review of Velocity, visit our G2 page

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