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Working at Code Climate: Why We've Been Named One of the Best Places to Work in NYC

Lindsey Adler

By: Lindsey Adler
February 01, 2022

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Ensuring that working at Code Climate is a rewarding experience is something we take really seriously, so we’re incredibly honored to be recognized in the Built In 2022 Best Places to Work in NYC Awards. Just announced last week, Code Climate earned a spot on the 50 Best Small Companies to Work for in NYC.

This year’s Best Places to Work Awards highlight employers that have created cultures supporting employees wherever they work. Award eligibility is based on a company’s compensation benefits and culture programs, including diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“This year saw a record number of entrants — and the past two years fundamentally changed what tech professionals want from work,” says Sheridan Orr, Chief Marketing Officer, Built In, in a press release. “These honorees have risen to the challenge, evolving to deliver employee experiences that provide the meaning and purpose today’s tech professionals seek.”  

Don’t just take Built In’s word for it though. Here’s what a few of our team members have to say about why they like working at Code Climate.

Emily Fueger, Senior Support Specialist, Code Climate

Emily Fueger, Senior Support Specialist: “Code Climate has done a great job prioritizing active team communication and empathy for what’s happening in the world around us today. I’ve often caught myself saying, ‘Wow, we are so lucky.’ Remote-first policies for meetings and generous leave for testing and time off aren’t just empty words. They reflect our default culture with respect for the people that work here. The culture is incredibly vibrant at Code Climate. The people I work with are incredibly curious, smart, funny, and talented (lots of musicians, DJ’s, and crafters). They’re people that I’d want to know even if I didn’t work with them.” 

Josh Bender, Code Climate

Josh Bender, SMB Account Executive: “Working at Code Climate is an amazing experience because everyone is working daily to grow the company. We all have a vision of educating the world on Engineering Intelligence and improving the efficiency of software development teams. It’s a rewarding pursuit, and I am excited to see this growth continue!” 

Sherianne Bolling, Code Climate

Sherianne Bolling, Sr. Corporate Account Executive: “At Code Climate you’re surrounded by colleagues that are both driven and forward-thinking. We have a strong collaborative culture that encourages diversity of thought. I love being able to have my voice heard while contributing to an innovative and fast-moving company.” 

Glenn Rothwell headshot

Glenn Rothwell, Director of Sales Development: “I love working at Code Climate because of the culture, which I would describe as autonomy with accountability. I have the freedom to experiment and try new things with my team, and I appreciate how data-driven we are when assessing the results. Also, the various departments — such as sales, marketing, and product — work together very closely and are not siloed like I’ve experienced at other companies. Top this off with how genuinely enthusiastic the team is about our product and company direction, and you have a great recipe for success.”

Code Climate has been on a tear the past year, after closing a $50 million Series C round of funding, more than doubling our revenue, and significantly growing our team across the board. In many ways, this is just the start as we continue to aggressively recruit top talent to join our awesome team. 

With this team growth as backdrop, our CEO, Bryan Helmkamp, has expressed a deep commitment to investing in the people and culture we need to fuel the next generation of Engineering Intelligence. 

Learn more about our company culture, and check out the 30-plus open positions we have today.

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