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Case Study

Enabling data-driven decision-making.

Data driven meeting


For financial risk solutions provider Alloy, data-driven decision-making is important for business success. In 2021, engineering leaders were seeking a more effective way to capture and visualize data that would help them understand the impact of their teams and showcase improvements in execution. They turned to Velocity for critical insight and context that helps them keep a pulse on team efficiency and identify bottlenecks that might impact their ability to reliably deliver software.


Velocity connects to the tools their teams use, then extracts, cleans, and links data to provide deep insights, analysis, and visualizations that make it easier to understand team health and performance. Since they started using the platform, Alloy has seen improvements in metrics across the board, including reductions in Cycle Time and huge increases in PR Throughput. The ability to drill down to the contributor level also gives leaders at Alloy meaningful insights to help with coaching and goal setting for individual engineers.

Of course, the data is out there, but using Velocity is so much faster and more convenient. The quality of presentation and reporting enables us to more easily consume the information, surface trends, and put our findings into action. And that is extremely valuable to us.

—Engineering Leader, Alloy


reduction in Cycle Time


improvement in Time to Merge


increase in PR Throughput per Contributor