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Case Study

Fostering engineering team health.

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To scale to meet skyrocketing demand for its modern
debt management products, the engineering team at
Beyond Finance was growing rapidly. Leadership
needed a way to maintain healthy workflows and PR
throughput while standardizing onboarding and
measurement to stay on track with development.


Code Climate Velocity provided the context necessary
to correlate important metrics like PR throughput with
the activities that impacted results. They were able to
adjust their weekly schedule to create an environment
that allowed their developers more time for the
activities that mattered most. They increased PR
throughput by more than 700% in the first year, and
during 2022, they maintained high throughput rates
despite onboarding more than 60 contributors. They
were also able to standardize processes, such as
onboarding new engineers, and gained a central hub
for goal setting and tracking progress.

Velocity gives us signals that something is off in our environment or the way things are working so that we can address it proactively before it becomes a problem that impacts the organization. It is especially helpful at surfacing things that are hard to see otherwise.

—Sergio Rabiela, VP of Technology, Beyond Finance


Increase in PR Throughput in 2020


Increase in PR Throughput in 2021


Increase in PR Throughput in 2022