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Case Study

Facilitating rapid expansion through critical visibility.

Faire case study


Visibility into engineering processes — and the ability to capture signals from engineering data — has been critical to the evolution of Faire’s engineering team, which has experienced massive growth.

When engineering leadership was looking for a way to gain this critical visibility, they found other tools were difficult to integrate, time-consuming to manage, and lacking in capabilities. It was a huge distraction from high-value work.


Faire chose Code Climate’s Software Engineering Intelligence platform to gain visibility into performance and ensure teams could continue predictably toward business outcomes during rapid growth.

In the two years since, the team has expanded from 100 to 360 engineers, and as Faire was onboarding large cohorts, they used Velocity to understand how this impacted overall output and execution and prepare for onboarding future groups. They could adjust workloads and commitments and invest more in bringing new engineers up to speed, nurturing them, and pairing them with more senior engineers.

With data from Velocity, engineering leaders have been able to provide this investment paid off, as Faire’s engineering teams are now achieving record levels of output per person.

If you have a large team, you cannot always trust personal perceptions or status reports, which can be subjective. You need real visibility into what is happening in your engineering organization. Code Climate Velocity gives us that.

—Paul Poppert,


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