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Case Study

Seeing value on day one.

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A successful startup serving millions of consumers and more than 40 insurance carriers, HealthSherpa was ready to mature its DevOps organization. However, gathering data to inform process changes was cumbersome, wasting dozens of hours per month, and essential metrics, like time to merge, were inaccessible. HealthSherpa needed a better way to get accurate, actionable insights to drive improvements to their DevOps processes, and Code Climate’s Velocity platform delivered immediate value.


Velocity’s user-friendly interface made it easy to assess the metrics that mattered. With access to accurate, real-time data, HealthSherpa was able to identify bottlenecks and surface trends that opened up opportunities for improvement. Comprehensive visibility and insight into historical trends have been crucial to planning for the seasonal changes inherent to the health insurance industry. Overall, HealthSherpa has reduced friction in engineering processes to improve software quality and team performance while fostering team health and collaboration.

Velocity has a user-friendly interface. It provides the metrics I actually want, and it’s easy to make correlations immediately.

—Joseph Gefroh, VP of Engineering, HealthSherpa


Increase in PR Throughput


Decrease in Cycle Time


Increase in Commit Volume