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Case Study

Empowering more effective collaboration.



OpenTable was faced with the challenge of bringing together many teams as its commercial site was completely rearchitected. After learning about the benefits of Software Engineering Intelligence platforms at a Code Climate event, John Nolan, Senior Director of Engineering, knew Velocity could provide the insight OpenTable needed to better measure engineering impact.


During this project, Velocity supported engineering leaders in gaining further visibility into their engineering processes, which enabled them to bring more consistency and reliability to development — ultimately empowering their teams to collaborate more effectively, work more efficiently, and improve engineering outcomes. They found that leveraging Code Climate to synchronize processes helped improve efficiency, and as more people contributed to their new monolith application, the process became more effective as measured by an increase in PR Throughput Per Contributor. In the first year, PR Throughput Per Contributor increased by 40%.



first-year increase in PR Throughput per Contributor


decrease in Cycle Time


decrease in Time to Merge