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Case Study

Powering data-driven decision making with the right KPIs.

Triplelift case study


In a constantly evolving industry like ad-tech, TripleLift must move fast and innovate to remain competitive. Evaluating metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in an effort to drive improvements is part of the company’s commitment to continuous learning and growth. For the group of more than 120 software engineers at TripleLift, this has changed over the past year, as the team works to hone in on KPIs that truly measure developer success. However, without an engineering intelligence platform, it would be difficult to demonstrate developer productivity and value to management.


Oman uses Code Climate Velocity to keep a pulse on how individuals and teams are performing, understand where they may be running into roadblocks, and shine a spotlight on best practices to replicate across teams. With Velocity, they have the metrics necessary to showcase the positive impact software engineers are making on the business and the insights necessary to drive continuous improvements to remain competitive in the fast-paced ad-tech world.

Velocity uses real data to be able to find areas of improvement instead of relying on gut instinct alone.

—Chris Oman, Engineering Manager


Increase in PR Throughput


Increase in Commit Volume


Increase in Push Count