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Case Study

Delivering value with turnkey deployment.



In 2022, the engineering organization at Yottaa, a fast-growing eCommerce optimization platform, reinforced its commitment to agile and needed to fulfill a company-wide initiative to make reporting more consumable. However, extracting data from tools like Jira and building reports proved difficult, if not impossible.

Engineering leaders needed an easier way to get visibility into metrics to make process improvements and provide stakeholders with a clear picture of engineering performance and success.


Velocity’s turnkey deployment enabled engineering leaders at Yottaa to immediately begin building useful reports that offered invaluable insight into engineering processes.

Teams and leadership were able to align on goals and identify bottlenecks for immediate improvement. Within three months, they decreased Cycle Time by 8% and increased PR Throughput by 10%. They also decreased PR size by 29%, which enabled faster reviews and reduced risk during PR merges.

Now, Yottaa has rich insight into how the cyclical nature of eCommerce impacts development and the necessary data to justify decisions about future development efforts, resource allocation and team growth.

Velocity worked right out of the box. I was able to take the results and run with them immediately.

—Dan Biagini, Director of Engineering, Yottaa


Increase in PR Throughput in first 6 months


Increase in Cycle Time in first 6 months


Decrease in PR Size