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Get the Most Out of DORA Metrics

Amplify the power of DORA Metrics by viewing them alongside other key engineering metrics in Code Climate Velocity, so you can assess the speed and stability of your organization and discover opportunities for improvement.

See DORA Metrics in Velocity

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The Advantage of DORA Metrics in Velocity:

Accurate Data - Velocity's solution relies on your actual Incident and Deploy data to accurately calculate the four DORA Metrics.

Contextualized and Holistic Organizational Performance Information - You can view DORA Metrics alongside other engineering metrics (including Cycle Time, Commit Volume, and PR Throughput).

Granular and Actionable Insights - With application-level data in Velocity, you can drill down into each DORA metric by Team, Application, and Repository.

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    Background Graphic

    “Now, we can view DORA metrics in the context of the other Velocity data, which saves substantial time and provides a really clear picture of our team's performance.”

    Joseph Gefroh, VP of Engineering at HealthSherpa

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