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The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Cycle Time.

Bryan Helmkamp’s complete guide to measuring and improving software delivery.

Top-performing engineering organizations achieve a Cycle Time of less than one day

If your Cycle Time is greater than that, you’ll need to know what to do and where to start optimizing. That’s what this book is for.

Whats Inside

  • A breakdown of component metrics and signals that drive up Cycle Time
  • Strategic advice on increasing engineering speed, based on hundreds of conversations with Managers, VPs, and CTOs
  • Tactical guidance on how to improve individual and collaborative work habits
  • Real life examples of how Engineering Leaders think about and improve Cycle Time
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“If you don’t innovate quickly, your competitors will. This book is filled with tactics to continuously ship and stay ahead.”
— Chad Dickerson, Former CTO and CEO of Etsy
About the author

Bryan Helmkamp

Bryan Helmkamp is the co-founder and CEO of Code Climate, where he helps engineering leaders improve the speed and quality of engineering work. In addition to advising hundreds of customers on data-driven best practices, he’s spoken on the subject at conferences worldwide and co-authored two other books on software development.

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