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Goal: Boost Team Efficiency

Deliver More, Faster

Engineering organizations are under relentless pressure to deliver new code quickly — without sacrificing quality. Code Climate Velocity can help.

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Need for Speed

Free Your Team From Friction

Even the most high-performing organizations have to battle through bottlenecks and blockers to deliver quality code. Velocity provides the visibility you need to identify recurrent slowdowns and inefficiencies, so you can improve processes and help your team get up to speed. With historical data and annotations, Velocity makes it possible to spot trends, add context, and understand the factors that impact your team’s ability to deliver.

Work Smarter

Boost Efficiency to Increase Impact

Wasted effort, scope creep, and delivery bottlenecks can be a drag on any engineering organization. With Velocity, it's possible to identify the source of delays and resolve common points of friction, so your team can streamline its efforts and deliver business value faster than ever.

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