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Goal: Gain Visibility and Predictability

See Beneath the Surface

Boost team efficiency and keep work on track when you replace error-prone spreadsheets and gut feel with clear visibility into your entire software development lifecycle. Improve stakeholder conversations with a view of into how resources are allocated across products, work categories, or initiatives, and see where teams need more support — or need to be celebrated.

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Clarity Without Compromise

Know More, Guess Less

Expertise and instinct can only get you so far. In order to effectively mitigate surprises and take corrective action, you need objective insight into what your team is working on, how efficiently and effectively your team is working, and where things are going off-track.

Make Sense of Complexity

Insights for All Teams

As organizations evolve and embrace hybrid, remote, and outsourced teams, leaders must find new ways to understand and support the needs of every developer. Velocity can help you ensure that workloads are balanced, teams are focused on strategic priorities, and stuck work is addressed before delivery is derailed.

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Fundamentals cover

The Fundamentals of Engineering Metrics

Find out more about leveraging data-driven insights to maximize your team's impact.

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