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10 Metrics Every CTO Needs to Know [ebook]

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By: Code Climate
November 21, 2022

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The most successful engineering leaders incorporate objective data into their leadership strategies. Numbers can’t substitute for a CTO’s experience and instincts, but when it comes to decision-making, leaders can use metrics in software engineering to inform their decisions and align with stakeholders. 

Different leaders optimize for a different set of metrics depending on company priorities and the needs of their engineering teams. Yet, if you’re introducing metrics to your team, or refining your approach to metrics, there are key measurements worth considering.

At Code Climate, we’ve worked with thousands of organizations, from startups to enterprises, and we know that there are a few key metrics that have proven time and again to be valuable, even if they’re just a starting point!

Whether you’re just starting to incorporate data into your leadership, or are refining your approach to measurement, these 10 metrics are important ones to consider.

They can help you: 

  • Get a handle on your organization’s Time to Market,
  • Ensure your team is adhering to CI/CD best practices, 
  • Measure the quality of your code, and
  • Assess the efficacy of your planning processes.

To find out how to gather this critical data, check out our Software Engineering Intelligence platform, Velocity. With over 50 metrics straight out of the box, along with custom alerts, tailored reports, drill down capabilities, and historical data, it’s the only platform that offers trusted insights for engineering leaders at every level.

To find out which 10 metrics you need to know, how to apply them effectively and resolve bottlenecks, download the ebook 

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