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Code Climate Velocity

Lead with Clarity

Leaders and teams at all levels can leverage Velocity, a Software Engineering Intelligence platform, to gain the comprehensive visibility needed to boost productivity and efficiency, improve team performance, and maximize engineering impact.

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Actionable Data

Our Insights, Your Impact

We combine key metrics and intuitive visualizations with robust benchmarks, a library of best practices, and enterprise expertise to yield actionable insights. Answer critical questions, check your assumptions, spot trends, and track progress over time with a data-driven approach to problem solving that drives business outcomes.

Visualize where your team is spending its time to keep priorities straight and curtail unplanned work.

Set targets, track progress, and drill down to find out what might be holding you back. 

Spot and resolve recurrent slowdowns to boost team efficiency. 

Employ concrete insights to give constructive feedback, set better targets, and coach your team to excel. 

See how work is progressing and support your team where they need it most. 

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How Velocity Works

Get data-driven visibility from the leading Software Engineering Intelligence platform, designed by engineering leaders to meet the demands of large, complex, and fast-paced organizations. A cloud-based SaaS solution, Velocity also offers an on-prem option.

Checkbox Automated Integrations

Velocity automatically and securely ingests, cleans, and links data from all the systems where engineers work.

Checkbox Trustworthy Data

Exclude data manually or by rule to correct for outliers, and add in-app annotations to provide context and enhance understanding.

Checkbox Actionable Insights

Velocity surfaces the most actionable information based on your data and our AI, which is trained on data from thousands of engineering organizations.

Checkbox Beyond DIY

With industry benchmarks and the ability to account for layers of organizational complexity, Velocity surpasses any homegrown solution.

Checkbox Scalable Visibility

Role-based access and enterprise-ready features and security ensure Velocity can scale to your organization’s needs.

Checkbox Amplified Impact

Maximize results with the latest best practices from our experienced customer organization and diverse community of seasoned engineering leaders.

What Sets Us Apart

The Code Climate Way

With comprehensive resources, an expert transformation team, and the insights you need to succeed, Code Climate is committed to helping you excel.

Historical data and in-depth training help you glean insights from onboarding onward.

Rigorous data hygiene standards and custom exclusions ensure the accuracy and value of our insights.

Tactical resources and forward-thinking thought leadership help you get the most out of your data.

Custom targets and robust industry benchmarks empower your team to aim higher.

We’ll help you turn insights into customized action plans that account for your organization’s unique challenges.

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