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Code Climate Named #1 in G2's Software Development Analytics Tools Results Index — Best Results Spring 2023 Ranking

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By: Code Climate
April 05, 2023

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Code Climate is proud to have once again earned Leader and Leader Mid-Market badges from G2, the most trusted software software marketplace and the largest in the world.

In G2’s Best Results Spring 2023 ranking, Code Climate Velocity has been named #1 in with the highest overall Results rating for G2's Software Development Analytics Tools Results Index.

For the second quarter in a row, Code Climate Velocity ranked #1 for G2's Mid-Market Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools, having been highly rated by G2 users and our customers, and earning substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

Velocity also ranked #2 for G2's Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools for the second quarter in a row.

Who We Are

With Velocity, our flagship Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platform, Code Climate has helped thousands of engineering organizations improve their team health and DevOps, and align with the strategic priorities of their businesses.

Our platform provides the strongest process and team health insights of any tool on the market, including a year’s worth of historical data, resource allocation insights, benchmarks, and the ability to add context to key reports.

Our customers are prominent and visionary organizations, and our enterprise-ready platform has the scaling and security features required by startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

What engineers are saying about Velocity

“I use Velocity every sprint. I can track my own performance; it's great for my own reviews when it comes to being able to track what I've done and how I'm compared against my prior attempts." — Andrew Brown, Software Engineer II, EverQuote

What leaders are saying about Velocity

“The cost of extracting and crunching software engineering metrics is sometimes prohibitive. Tools like Code Climate Velocity provide you with this ability with a small configuration effort and a very flexible reporting and analytics tool for a fair price. Furthermore, Code Climate Velocity helps you educate your management team with metrics important for managing software engineering teams.” — Thiago R., Director of Engineering, RD Station

“Code Climate Velocity has been a great addition to our software development process. It has helped us identify and address potential issues early on, saving us time and resources in the long run. The ability to enforce coding standards and best practices has also been crucial in maintaining a maintainable and easy-to-work-with codebase. The user-friendly interface and customization options have made it easy for us to track our progress and tailor the experience to our needs. While there is always room for improvement, we have found that Code Climate Velocity is a valuable tool for managers looking to optimize their team's productivity and success.” — Pedro C., Engineering Lead

For more testimonials or to leave your own review of Velocity, visit our G2 page.

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