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G2 Fall 2023 Report: Code Climate Velocity Named Leader for 4th Consecutive Quarter

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By: Code Climate
December 05, 2023

G2 awards

Code Climate’s Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platform, Velocity, has been recognized by engineering leaders as a top platform in G2’s ranking of Software Development Analytics Tools. G2 is the world's most trusted software marketplace, and our ranking is based on reviews from engineering leaders who use Velocity to gain critical visibility into their SDLC and improve delivery and team health across their organizations. Code Climate earned two badges as a leader in the overall and Americas categories.

Here’s what people are saying.

"View your entire org. and identify challenges in five minutes a day"

“As organizations scale, it can be extremely hard for executives and leadership to understand which teams are impacted or blocked. Large organizations make it impossible and highly unproductive to spend much time in code reviews, PR reviews, or in standups, nor is it a smart use of time. Code Climate provides an easy-to-digest overview of team health, allowing you to identify which teams may be blocked and then focus on specific areas to unblock them.

Code Climate has been the single most valuable tool in my toolbelt through multiple companies and roles, and I would recommend it to any leader at an organization of any size."

— G2 Review, Ben N.

"Unprecedented levels of insights and visibility into engineering"

"Code Climate shows me the activity happening in the engineering organization and allows me to tie it into other activity and outcomes happening in other systems very easily. This allows me to have clear indicators of things like blockers or slowdowns that can receive intervention much earlier, and shows me patterns in team or organizational behavior that I can address managerially."

— G2 Review, Anonymous

Software Development Analytics Tools and SEI Platforms

As defined by G2, Software Development Analytics Tools, which include Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platforms, provide high-level insights into development progress using historical data. They allow engineering managers and leaders to see information about bottlenecks, engineering progress, what areas of code get the most attention, trends, and more to help teams improve efficiency and code quality.

To qualify for inclusion in G2’s Software Development Analytics Tools category, a product must:

  • Integrate with one or more code repositories

  • Consolidate a development team’s historical progress data in one place

  • Highlight trends, important statistics, and KPIs

Code Climate Velocity meets these criteria and more. Velocity maximizes engineering impact for all levels at large organizations by providing data-driven visibility into engineering teams’ capacity, delivery, quality, culture, costs, and progress toward key goals. Velocity uses trusted and actionable insights to enable engineering and DevOps teams to drive change, improve predictability, and deliver business impact in a single platform.

Hear from more Code Climate users or leave your own review on our G2 page.

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