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Velocity Drives Data-Driven Decision-Making at Alloy

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By: Code Climate
December 06, 2023

Alloy V2

Alloy, a leading provider of financial risk solutions, was founded on a simple idea — the more data you have to make a decision, the more confident you’ll be in that decision. So, it's no surprise that Code Climate’s Velocity, a Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) platform that provides rich insights on team performance and impact, has been a critical resource for their organization since 2021.

Velocity connects to the tools their teams use, then extracts and interprets data with added context to provide deep insights, analysis, and visualizations that make it easy to see and understand team health and performance. Metrics like PR Throughput, Time to Merge, and Cycle Time allow them to keep a pulse on team efficiency and identify any bottlenecks that might be impacting their ability to reliably deliver software.

“Of course, the data is out there, but using Velocity is so much faster and more convenient. The quality of presentation and reporting enables us to more easily consume the information, surface trends, and put our findings into action. And that is extremely valuable to us,” one engineering leader said.

Data from Velocity helps Alloy understand the impact of their teams and showcase improvements in execution. Since they started using the platform, they’ve seen improvements in metrics across the board. Some highlights include: reducing their Cycle Time by 57%, improving both Time to Open and Time to Merge by 55%, and, most notably, increasing PR Throughput per contributor by an incredible 388%.

Fostering Team Health and Talent

The ability to drill down to the contributor level gives leaders at Alloy meaningful insights to help with coaching and goal setting for individual engineers. There are many examples of managers using Velocity to identify high performers who might be looking for their next challenge, or team members who might not meet benchmarks and could benefit from additional coaching. Alloy team leaders often use data from the platform to reveal areas of strength and weakness to help guide engineering talent on paths of growth and success.

Another engineering leader explained: “It helps to have data and benchmarks to show both individuals and teams for coaching. We can set realistic targets and then showcase improvement and growth. Velocity is important to creating paths for success for our engineers and for fostering a healthy engineering culture.”

Key Highlights

  • Reduced Cycle Time by 57%

  • improved Time to Open by 55%

  • Improved Time to Merge by 55%

  • Increased PR Throughput per contributor by an incredible 388%

  • Improved ability to set realistic targets and then showcase improvement and growth

To find out how Velocity can help your organization lean into data-driven decision-making, speak to a Velocity specialist

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