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Code Climate for Python in Public Beta

We’re excited to announce that we now support Python! The following features are now available to all users:

  • Python Letter Grades. Based on Code Climate’s analysis of your Python codebase, we’ll assign a letter grade of A through F to each file.

  • Blended GPA. Your GPA for the repo will take into account all languages that we analyze in the repository. If your Python repository contains JavaScript code, we’ll analyze that too.

  • Series of different checks. We’ll check your Python code for complexity, duplication, and code clarity issues. More checks are planned!

Quick Tour!

Your Python repository’s Feed tracks your codebase as it changes:


Catch Python smells, like complexity and duplication:


Compare feature branches against your default branch:

Ratings tab

Python analysis is available now for all new repositories. Add your project today, check out our analysis, and let us know what you think!

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