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The happiest engineers work on the most productive teams, and vice versa.

Minimize interruptions and spend meeting time more efficiently with a complete understanding of how your team works.

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Managers and engineers want the same thing: to ship code to production, frequently.

Problem One

Frequent status updates compromise autonomy.

Our solution

Frequent meetings and status updates deprive engineers of the ownership that make them feel happy and invested in their work. Velocity allows managers to give engineers the space to self-organize and only lend support at critical moments.

Problem Two

Bottlenecks and roadblocks frustrate engineers.

Our solution

When processes unnecessarily slow down work from getting out the gate, engineers get discouraged. Velocity gives teams the transparency to address bottlenecks and keep engineers unstuck.

Problem Three

Engineers leave for better opportunities.

Our solution

Engineering departments have some of the highest turnover rates in the industry, with 51% of engineers leaving jobs before 1 year. Velocity helps managers better understand how their engineers work and create clear milestones for the professional development of their reports.

Understand and diagnose

Understand & Diagnose

See patterns that contribute to productive quarters and where teams are mostly likely to slow down. A complete and shared understanding of how your team works and where it can improve allows you to create alignment around engineering success.

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Act and optimize

Act & Optimize

Use alerts and notifications to help your team stay on top of at-risk work, and use target-setting to create SMART goals that push each team to improve. Empower your team to have the autonomy to constantly push their capabilities to the next level.

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  • Heads-up displays that show your progress over sprints, months or quarters.
  • Diagnostic tools that help you drill down to the individual pull request that’s causing problems.
  • Flexible reporting to ask questions of your data that aren't answered out of the box
  • Metric-based target-setting that helps you hone your craft and grow as an engineer.

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