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RuboCop Engine now Analyzes RSpec

Use RSpec? If so, great news! Thanks to a pull request from Code Climate user Aigeruth, our codeclimate-rubocop analysis Engine now supports RSpec cops. These can run alongside the Engine’s standard cops.

If you’ve already selected to use our new Engines-based analysis, you can run RSpec cops against your project in a few quick clicks:

  1. Ensure your .rubocop.yml file contains require: rubocop-rspec.
  2. Also ensure that you’ve enabled rubocop in your .codeclimate.yml file.
  3. If you’re running this Engine via our hosted analysis at codeclimate.com, that’s all you need to do! However, if you’re using the Code Climate CLI, you’ll also need to install and/or update this Engine by running codeclimate engines:install.

If you’re not up and running yet with our new Engines-based analysis, now’s a great time! Check out our “getting started” help doc.

We’re hard at work adding more Engines and leveling up those we’ve already released! Is there an Engine that you’d like to see run on Code Climate? Awesome! Let us know, or if you’re interested, jump right in and build it!

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