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Test Coverage
def tagged_convention(tag, msg):
    tag = tag.upper()
    composed_message = "%s: %s\n" % (tag, msg)
    return composed_message

tagged_convention_help = \
    The tagged convention:

    TAG: message

    Tag usage:

    ADD     -> use for new files or methods
    FEAT    -> for when adding a new feature
    DEL     -> use for excluded files or methods
    CHR     -> use for normal dev work and maintainance
    MERGE   -> use for signal merges
    DOCS    -> for documentation changes
    FIX     -> use for solving bugs or failures in file
    REF     -> use for when you rename a file
    STYLE   -> use for fixing stylesheet errors
    TEST    -> use for test files
    CI      -> for that commit that aims for fix a build