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# [atom-path-intellisense](https://atom.io/packages/atom-path-intellisense) [![](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/apercova/imageio/master/atom-path-intellisense/logo/Icon-100.png)](https://atom.io/packages/atom-path-intellisense)
### Path Intellisense support for atom.  
Autocomplete provider based on atom [autocomplete-plus](https://atom.io/packages/autocomplete-plus) package.  
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### Current build status :factory: | See [Change Log :barber:](https://github.com/apercova/atom-path-intellisense/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md)
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## Features
- Provides path suggestions based on typed path and context.
- By default suggestions are provided by pressing `ctrl + space `. Uncheck  **`manual-suggest`** configuration setting to get suggestions at typing.
- Suggestions are provided within scope selectors configured on **` allowed-scopes `** configuration setting. Default selectors cover pretty much languages but is extensible by adding more scope selectors.  
  **` Note to developers `**
  > `If you find any selector combination that's missing or can improve this package make a PR with your add to allowed-scopes configuration setting.`  
- Escaping of single and double quotes is allowed for files and directories.
- Path suggestions mechanism relies on providers for appropriate grammar and selectors.

## Providers
### Default Providers :dart:
Default providers are the very basic path suggestion providers on this package given path suggestions for paths relative to current file and working out of the box on all allowed scopes.

### Current file relative path provider _`Default`_
#### :muscle: **_Features_**
- Provides suggestions for paths relative to current file path.
- Works out-of-the-box on allowed scope selectors.
- Suggestions for paths relative to current file are shown by typing self `./` or parent `../` directories.
- Suggestions for paths relative to user's home directory are shown by typing: `~/`.
- Suggestions for absulute paths are shown by typing forward slash: `/` targeting to base path configured within `root-base-path` setting.
  > When not in a project, suggestions fallback to FileSystem root directory shown files with appropriate permisions.



### Current file path provider _`Default`_
#### :muscle: **_Features_**
- Provides suggestions for current file path.
- Works on following scope selectors: `.string.quoted', '.text .string', '.text.html.basic'`.


### [Extended Providers](https://github.com/apercova/atom-path-intellisense/blob/master/EXTENDED_PROVIDERS.md) ❤
Atom-path-intellisense is not only based on default providers.
Decoupling path suggestions mechanism from autocomplete-plus provider API gives the advantage of writing extended providers that cover more specific contexts and can be formatted in their own way.

> We refer as extended providers to providers targeted to a specific language or more specific scope selectors and context.

### Node.js path provider _`Extended`_
[Node.js](nodejs.org/) path provider gives suggestions for Node.js module imports.  
##### :muscle: **_Features_**
- It's enabled on `JavaScript`, `CoffeeScript` and `TypeScript` files at `.string.quoted` scope selector.
- Supports both `require()` and ES6 module `import` statements.
- Provides suggestions for Node.js built-in modules, local modules (_on project_ `node_modules` _directory_) and modules relative to current file.
- Filters JavaScript files by `.js` extension.
- Removes file extension at selecting any suggestion.
- Is complemented by _Default path providers_ for path suggestions on broader scopes.


> ##### See more of [extended providers ...](https://github.com/apercova/atom-path-intellisense/blob/master/EXTENDED_PROVIDERS.md)  

## Installation
Install from atom´s **_settings/packages_** tab or run following command on a terminal:
  apm install atom-path-intellisense

## Configuration
This package exports following configuration settings to **` config.cson `** file:  
##### `allowed-scopes`
[Scope selectors](https://flight-manual.atom.io/behind-atom/sections/scoped-settings-scopes-and-scope-descriptors/) (__can be comma-  separated__) for which suggestions are shown. Apply to default suggestion providers. Other providers specify more specific selectors.  
See: [Scope Selectors Reference](https://flight-manual.atom.io/behind-atom/sections/scoped-settings-scopes-and-scope-descriptors/#scope-selectors)  
- _Type:_     `string`
- _Default:_  `'.source .string, .source.css.scss, .source.shell, .text .string, .text.html.basic'`

##### `enable-debug`
Enable / disable debug options.  
> Atom's dev mode `$ atom --dev .` overrides this setting as `true`.
- _Type:_     `boolean`
- _Default:_
  - `true` if Atom's dev mode `$ atom --dev .` is enabled.
  - `false` otherwise.

##### `manual-suggest`
If enabled (**recomended**), suggestions are provided by pressing `ctrl + space `. Uncheck to get suggestions at typing.  
- _Type:_     `boolean`
- _Default:_  `true`

##### `provider-strategy-all`
If enabled, All suitable providers that can resolve suggestions are called with no priority consideration. __(A bit lower operation)__.
- _Type:_     `boolean`
- _Default:_  `false`

##### `root-base-path`
Path for root dir on relative paths `/`.  
Special values are:  
- `system`: Targets to FileSystem root dir.
- `project`: Targets to current project root dir.  
  > When not in a project, suggestions fallback to FileSystem root directory shown files with appropriate permisions.
> Windows and Unix paths are accepted depending on OS.  
> On Windows, absolute unix path `/` is resolved to system partition: `C:` in most cases. Eg: `/Windows/` is resolved to `C:\\Windows`.
- _Type:_     `string`
- _Default:_  `project`

> Example of _config.cson_:  
    "allowed-scopes": ".source .string, .source.shell, .text .string, .text.html.basic"
    "enable-debug": false
    "manual-suggest": true
    "provider-strategy-all": false
## Acknowledgements :trophy:
- Scope selectors matching features are based on [`Atom`](https://github.com/atom) [`selectors.js`](https://github.com/atom/atom/blob/master/src/selectors.js).
- Scope selectors cache is based on [`autocomplete-plus`](https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-plus) [`scope-helpers.js`](https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-plus/blob/master/lib/scope-helpers.js).
- Specs are based on [`autocomplete-paths`](https://github.com/atom-community/autocomplete-paths) [`specs`](https://github.com/atom-community/autocomplete-paths/tree/master/spec) ones.