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# Releasing

## Prerequisites

* You must have commit rights to the Capistrano repository.
* You must have push rights for the capistrano gem on

## How to release

1. Run `bundle install` to make sure that you have all the gems necessary for testing and releasing.
2.  **Ensure all tests are passing by running `rake spec` and `rake features`.**
3. Determine which would be the correct next version number according to [semver](
4. Update the version in `./lib/capistrano/version.rb`.
5. Update the version in the `./` Gemfile example (`gem "capistrano", "~> X.Y"`).
6. Commit the `version.rb` and `` changes in a single commit, the message should be "Preparing vX.Y.Z"
7. Run `rake release`; this will tag, push to GitHub, and publish to
8. Update the draft release on the [GitHub releases page]( to point to the new tag and publish the release