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import os
from collections import OrderedDict
from copy import copy

from conans.errors import ConanException
from conans.util.conan_v2_mode import conan_v2_error



class DefaultOrderedDict(OrderedDict):

    def __init__(self, factory):
        self.factory = factory
        super(DefaultOrderedDict, self).__init__()

    def __getitem__(self, key):
        if key not in self.keys():
            super(DefaultOrderedDict, self).__setitem__(key, self.factory())
            super(DefaultOrderedDict, self).__getitem__(key).name = key
        return super(DefaultOrderedDict, self).__getitem__(key)

    def __copy__(self):
        the_copy = DefaultOrderedDict(self.factory)
        for key, value in super(DefaultOrderedDict, self).items():
            the_copy[key] = value
        return the_copy

class BuildModulesDict(dict):
    A dictionary with append and extend for cmake build modules to keep it backwards compatible
    with the list interface

    def __getitem__(self, key):
        if key not in self.keys():
            super(BuildModulesDict, self).__setitem__(key, list())
        return super(BuildModulesDict, self).__getitem__(key)

    def _append(self, item):
        if item.endswith(".cmake"):

    def append(self, item):
        conan_v2_error("Use 'self.cpp_info.build_modules[\"<generator>\"].append(\"{item}\")' "

    def extend(self, items):
        conan_v2_error("Use 'self.cpp_info.build_modules[\"<generator>\"].extend({items})' "
        for item in items:

    def from_list(cls, build_modules):
        the_dict = BuildModulesDict()
        return the_dict

def dict_to_abs_paths(the_dict, rootpath):
    new_dict = {}
    for generator, values in the_dict.items():
        new_dict[generator] = [os.path.join(rootpath, p) if not os.path.isabs(p) else p
                               for p in values]
    return new_dict

def merge_lists(seq1, seq2):
    return seq1 + [s for s in seq2 if s not in seq1]

def merge_dicts(d1, d2):
    def merge_lists(seq1, seq2):
        return [s for s in seq1 if s not in seq2] + seq2

    result = d1.copy()
    for k, v in d2.items():
        if k not in d1.keys():
            result[k] = v
            result[k] = merge_lists(d1[k], d2[k])
    return result

class _CppInfo(object):
    """ Object that stores all the necessary information to build in C/C++.
    It is intended to be system independent, translation to
    specific systems will be produced from this info

    def __init__(self):
        self._name = None
        self._generator_properties = {}
        self.names = {}
        self.system_libs = []  # Ordered list of system libraries
        self.includedirs = []  # Ordered list of include paths
        self.srcdirs = []  # Ordered list of source paths
        self.libdirs = []  # Directories to find libraries
        self.resdirs = []  # Directories to find resources, data, etc
        self.bindirs = []  # Directories to find executables and shared libs
        self.builddirs = []
        self.frameworks = []  # Macos .framework
        self.frameworkdirs = []
        self.rootpaths = []
        self.libs = []  # The libs to link against
        self.defines = []  # preprocessor definitions
        self.cflags = []  # pure C flags
        self.cxxflags = []  # C++ compilation flags
        self.sharedlinkflags = []  # linker flags
        self.exelinkflags = []  # linker flags
        self.objects = []  # objects to link
        self.build_modules = BuildModulesDict()  # FIXME: This should be just a plain dict
        self.filenames = {}  # name of filename to create for various generators
        self.rootpath = ""
        self.sysroot = ""
        self.requires = []
        self._build_modules_paths = None
        self._build_modules = None
        self._include_paths = None
        self._lib_paths = None
        self._bin_paths = None
        self._build_paths = None
        self._res_paths = None
        self._src_paths = None
        self._framework_paths = None
        self.version = None  # Version of the conan package
        self.description = None  # Description of the conan package
        # When package is editable, filter_empty=False, so empty dirs are maintained
        self.filter_empty = True

    def _filter_paths(self, paths):
        abs_paths = [os.path.join(self.rootpath, p)
                     if not os.path.isabs(p) else p for p in paths if p is not None]
        if self.filter_empty:
            return [p for p in abs_paths if os.path.isdir(p)]
            return abs_paths

    def build_modules_paths(self):
        if self._build_modules_paths is None:
            if isinstance(self.build_modules, list):  # FIXME: This should be just a plain dict
                conan_v2_error("Use 'self.cpp_info.build_modules[\"<generator>\"] = "
                               "{the_list}' instead".format(the_list=self.build_modules))
                self.build_modules = BuildModulesDict.from_list(self.build_modules)
                # Invalidate necessary, get_build_modules used raise_incorrect_components_definition
                self._build_modules = None
            tmp = dict_to_abs_paths(BuildModulesDict(self.get_build_modules()), self.rootpath)
            self._build_modules_paths = tmp
        return self._build_modules_paths

    def include_paths(self):
        if self._include_paths is None:
            self._include_paths = self._filter_paths(self.includedirs)
        return self._include_paths

    def lib_paths(self):
        if self._lib_paths is None:
            self._lib_paths = self._filter_paths(self.libdirs)
        return self._lib_paths

    def src_paths(self):
        if self._src_paths is None:
            self._src_paths = self._filter_paths(self.srcdirs)
        return self._src_paths

    def bin_paths(self):
        if self._bin_paths is None:
            self._bin_paths = self._filter_paths(self.bindirs)
        return self._bin_paths

    def build_paths(self):
        if self._build_paths is None:
            self._build_paths = self._filter_paths(self.builddirs)
        return self._build_paths

    def res_paths(self):
        if self._res_paths is None:
            self._res_paths = self._filter_paths(self.resdirs)
        return self._res_paths

    def framework_paths(self):
        if self._framework_paths is None:
            self._framework_paths = self._filter_paths(self.frameworkdirs)
        return self._framework_paths

    def name(self):
        conan_v2_error("Use 'get_name(generator)' instead")
        return self._name

    def name(self, value):
        self._name = value

    # TODO: Deprecate for 2.0. Only cmake and pkg_config generators should access this.
    #  Use get_property for 2.0
    def get_name(self, generator, default_name=True):
        property_name = None
        if "pkg_config" in generator:
            property_name = "pkg_config_name"
        return self.get_property(property_name) \
               or self.names.get(generator, self._name if default_name else None)

    # TODO: Deprecate for 2.0. Only cmake generators should access this. Use get_property for 2.0
    def get_filename(self, generator, default_name=True):
        # Default to the legacy "names"
        return self.filenames.get(generator) or self.names.get(generator, self._name if default_name else None)

    # TODO: Deprecate for 2.0. Use get_property for 2.0
    def get_build_modules(self):
        if self._build_modules is None:  # Not cached yet
            self._build_modules = self.build_modules
        return self._build_modules

    def set_property(self, property_name, value):
        self._generator_properties[property_name] = value

    def get_property(self, property_name):
            return self._generator_properties[property_name]
        except KeyError:

    # Compatibility for 'cppflags' (old style property to allow decoration)
    def get_cppflags(self):
        conan_v2_error("'cpp_info.cppflags' is deprecated, use 'cxxflags' instead")
        return self.cxxflags

    def set_cppflags(self, value):
        conan_v2_error("'cpp_info.cppflags' is deprecated, use 'cxxflags' instead")
        self.cxxflags = value

    cppflags = property(get_cppflags, set_cppflags)

class Component(_CppInfo):

    def __init__(self, rootpath, version, default_values):
        super(Component, self).__init__()
        self.rootpath = rootpath
        if default_values.includedir is not None:
        if default_values.libdir is not None:
        if default_values.bindir is not None:
        if default_values.resdir is not None:
        if default_values.builddir is not None:
        if default_values.frameworkdir is not None:
        self.requires = []
        self.version = version

class CppInfoDefaultValues(object):

    def __init__(self, includedir=None, libdir=None, bindir=None,
                 resdir=None, builddir=None, frameworkdir=None):
        self.includedir = includedir
        self.libdir = libdir
        self.bindir = bindir
        self.resdir = resdir
        self.builddir = builddir
        self.frameworkdir = frameworkdir

class CppInfo(_CppInfo):
    """ Build Information declared to be used by the CONSUMERS of a
    conans. That means that consumers must use this flags and configs i order
    to build properly.
    Defined in user CONANFILE, directories are relative at user definition time

    def __init__(self, ref_name, root_folder, default_values=None):
        super(CppInfo, self).__init__()
        self._ref_name = ref_name
        self._name = ref_name
        self.rootpath = root_folder  # the full path of the package in which the conans is found
        self._default_values = default_values or CppInfoDefaultValues(DEFAULT_INCLUDE, DEFAULT_LIB,
                                                                      DEFAULT_BIN, DEFAULT_RES,
        if self._default_values.includedir is not None:
        if self._default_values.libdir is not None:
        if self._default_values.bindir is not None:
        if self._default_values.resdir is not None:
        if self._default_values.builddir is not None:
        if self._default_values.frameworkdir is not None:
        self.components = DefaultOrderedDict(lambda: Component(self.rootpath,
                                                               self.version, self._default_values))
        # public_deps is needed to accumulate list of deps for cmake targets
        self.public_deps = []
        self._configs = {}

    def __str__(self):
        return self._ref_name

    def get_name(self, generator, default_name=True):
        name = super(CppInfo, self).get_name(generator, default_name=default_name)

        # Legacy logic for pkg_config generator, do not enter this logic if the properties model
        # is used:
        from conans.client.generators.pkg_config import PkgConfigGenerator
        if generator == and self.get_property("pkg_config_name") is None:
            fallback = self._name.lower() if self._name != self._ref_name else self._ref_name
            if not in self.names and self._name != self._name.lower():
                conan_v2_error("Generated file and name for {gen} generator will change in"
                               " Conan v2 to '{name}'. Use 'self.cpp_info.names[\"{gen}\"]"
                               " = \"{fallback}\"' in your recipe to continue using current name."
                               .format(, name=name, fallback=fallback))
            name = self.names.get(generator, fallback)
        return name

    def configs(self):
        return self._configs

    def __getattr__(self, config):
        def _get_cpp_info():
            result = _CppInfo()
            result.filter_empty = self.filter_empty
            result.rootpath = self.rootpath
            result.sysroot = self.sysroot
            return result

        return self._configs.setdefault(config, _get_cpp_info())

    def _raise_incorrect_components_definition(self, package_name, package_requires):
        if not self.components and not self.requires:

        # Raise if mixing components
        if self.components and \
            (self.includedirs != ([self._default_values.includedir]
                if self._default_values.includedir is not None else []) or
             self.libdirs != ([self._default_values.libdir]
                if self._default_values.libdir is not None else []) or
             self.bindirs != ([self._default_values.bindir]
                if self._default_values.bindir is not None else []) or
             self.resdirs != ([self._default_values.resdir]
                if self._default_values.resdir is not None else []) or
             self.builddirs != ([self._default_values.builddir]
                if self._default_values.builddir is not None else []) or
             self.frameworkdirs != ([self._default_values.frameworkdir]
                if self._default_values.frameworkdir is not None  else []) or
             self.libs or
             self.system_libs or
             self.frameworks or
             self.defines or
             self.cflags or
             self.cxxflags or
             self.sharedlinkflags or
             self.exelinkflags or
             self.objects or
             self.get_build_modules() or
            raise ConanException("self.cpp_info.components cannot be used with self.cpp_info "
                                 "global values at the same time")
        if self._configs:
            raise ConanException("self.cpp_info.components cannot be used with self.cpp_info configs"
                                 " (release/debug/...) at the same time")

        pkg_requires = [ for require in package_requires.values()]

        def _check_components_requires_instersection(comp_requires):
            reqs = [it.split(COMPONENT_SCOPE)[0] for it in comp_requires if COMPONENT_SCOPE in it]
            # Raise on components requires requiring inexistent package requires
            for comp_require in reqs:
                reason = None
                if comp_require not in pkg_requires:
                    reason = "not defined as a recipe requirement"
                elif package_requires[comp_require].private and package_requires[
                    reason = "it was defined as an overridden private recipe requirement"
                elif package_requires[comp_require].private:
                    reason = "it was defined as a private recipe requirement"
                elif package_requires[comp_require].override:
                    reason = "it was defined as an overridden recipe requirement"

                if reason is not None:
                    raise ConanException("Package require '%s' declared in components requires "
                                         "but %s" % (comp_require, reason))

        if self.components:
            # Raise on component name
            for comp_name, comp in self.components.items():
                if comp_name == package_name:
                    raise ConanException(
                        "Component name cannot be the same as the package name: '%s'"
                        % comp_name)

            # check that requires are used in components and check that components exists in requires
            requires_from_components = set()
            for comp_name, comp in self.components.items():


class _BaseDepsCppInfo(_CppInfo):
    def __init__(self):
        super(_BaseDepsCppInfo, self).__init__()

    def update(self, dep_cpp_info):
        def merge_lists(seq1, seq2):
            return [s for s in seq1 if s not in seq2] + seq2

        self.system_libs = merge_lists(self.system_libs, dep_cpp_info.system_libs)
        self.includedirs = merge_lists(self.includedirs, dep_cpp_info.include_paths)
        self.srcdirs = merge_lists(self.srcdirs, dep_cpp_info.src_paths)
        self.libdirs = merge_lists(self.libdirs, dep_cpp_info.lib_paths)
        self.bindirs = merge_lists(self.bindirs, dep_cpp_info.bin_paths)
        self.resdirs = merge_lists(self.resdirs, dep_cpp_info.res_paths)
        self.builddirs = merge_lists(self.builddirs, dep_cpp_info.build_paths)
        self.frameworkdirs = merge_lists(self.frameworkdirs, dep_cpp_info.framework_paths)
        self.libs = merge_lists(self.libs, dep_cpp_info.libs)
        self.frameworks = merge_lists(self.frameworks, dep_cpp_info.frameworks)
        self.build_modules = merge_dicts(self.build_modules, dep_cpp_info.build_modules_paths)
        self.requires = merge_lists(self.requires, dep_cpp_info.requires)

        # Note these are in reverse order
        self.defines = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.defines, self.defines)
        self.cxxflags = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.cxxflags, self.cxxflags)
        self.cflags = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.cflags, self.cflags)
        self.sharedlinkflags = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.sharedlinkflags, self.sharedlinkflags)
        self.exelinkflags = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.exelinkflags, self.exelinkflags)
        self.objects = merge_lists(dep_cpp_info.objects, self.objects)
        if not self.sysroot:
            self.sysroot = dep_cpp_info.sysroot

    def build_modules_paths(self):
        return self.build_modules

    def include_paths(self):
        return self.includedirs

    def lib_paths(self):
        return self.libdirs

    def src_paths(self):
        return self.srcdirs

    def bin_paths(self):
        return self.bindirs

    def build_paths(self):
        return self.builddirs

    def res_paths(self):
        return self.resdirs

    def framework_paths(self):
        return self.frameworkdirs

class DepCppInfo(object):

    def __init__(self, cpp_info):
        self._cpp_info = cpp_info
        self._libs = None
        self._system_libs = None
        self._frameworks = None
        self._defines = None
        self._cxxflags = None
        self._cflags = None
        self._sharedlinkflags = None
        self._exelinkflags = None
        self._objects = None
        self._requires = None

        self._include_paths = None
        self._lib_paths = None
        self._bin_paths = None
        self._build_paths = None
        self._res_paths = None
        self._src_paths = None
        self._framework_paths = None
        self._build_modules_paths = None
        self._sorted_components = None

    def __str__(self):
        return str(self._cpp_info)

    def __getattr__(self, item):
            attr = self._cpp_info.__getattribute__(item)
        except AttributeError:  # item is not defined, get config (CppInfo)
            attr = self._cpp_info.__getattr__(item)
        return attr

    def _aggregated_dict_values(self, item):
        values = getattr(self, "_%s" % item)
        if values is not None:
            return values
        if self._cpp_info.components:
            values = {}
            for component in self._get_sorted_components().values():
                values = merge_dicts(values, getattr(component, item))
            values = getattr(self._cpp_info, item)
        setattr(self, "_%s" % item, values)
        return values

    def _aggregated_list_values(self, item):
        values = getattr(self, "_%s" % item)
        if values is not None:
            return values
        if self._cpp_info.components:
            values = []
            for component in self._get_sorted_components().values():
                values = merge_lists(values, getattr(component, item))
            values = getattr(self._cpp_info, item)
        setattr(self, "_%s" % item, values)
        return values

    def _filter_component_requires(requires):
        return [r for r in requires if COMPONENT_SCOPE not in r]

    def _check_component_requires(self):
        for comp_name, comp in self._cpp_info.components.items():
            missing_deps = [require for require in self._filter_component_requires(comp.requires)
                            if require not in self._cpp_info.components]
            if missing_deps:
                raise ConanException("Component '%s' required components not found in this package: "
                                     "%s" % (comp_name, ", ".join("'%s'" % d for d in missing_deps)))
            bad_requires = [r for r in comp.requires if r.startswith(COMPONENT_SCOPE)]
            if bad_requires:
                msg = "Leading character '%s' not allowed in %s requires: %s. Omit it to require " \
                      "components inside the same package." \
                      % (COMPONENT_SCOPE, comp_name, bad_requires)
                raise ConanException(msg)

    def _get_sorted_components(self):
        Sort Components from most dependent one first to the less dependent one last
        :return: List of sorted components
        if not self._sorted_components:
            if any([[require for require in self._filter_component_requires(comp.requires)]
                    for comp in self._cpp_info.components.values()]):
                ordered = OrderedDict()
                components = copy(self._cpp_info.components)
                while len(ordered) != len(self._cpp_info.components):
                    # Search next element to be processed
                    for comp_name, comp in components.items():
                        # Check if component is not required and can be added to ordered
                        if comp_name not in [require for dep in components.values() for require in
                            ordered[comp_name] = comp
                            del components[comp_name]
                        dset = set()
                        for comp_name, comp in components.items():
                            for dep_name, dep in components.items():
                                for require in self._filter_component_requires(dep.requires):
                                    if require == comp_name:
                                        dset.add("   {} requires {}".format(dep_name, comp_name))
                        dep_mesg = "\n".join(dset)
                        raise ConanException("There is a dependency loop in "
                                "'self.cpp_info.components' requires:\n{}".format(dep_mesg))
                self._sorted_components = ordered
            else:  # If components do not have requirements, keep them in the same order
                self._sorted_components = self._cpp_info.components
        return self._sorted_components

    def build_modules_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_dict_values("build_modules_paths")

    def include_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("include_paths")

    def lib_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("lib_paths")

    def src_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("src_paths")

    def bin_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("bin_paths")

    def build_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("build_paths")

    def res_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("res_paths")

    def framework_paths(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("framework_paths")

    def libs(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("libs")

    def system_libs(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("system_libs")

    def frameworks(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("frameworks")

    def defines(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("defines")

    def cxxflags(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("cxxflags")

    def cflags(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("cflags")

    def sharedlinkflags(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("sharedlinkflags")

    def exelinkflags(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("exelinkflags")

    def objects(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("objects")

    def requires(self):
        return self._aggregated_list_values("requires")

class DepsCppInfo(_BaseDepsCppInfo):
    """ Build Information necessary to build a given conans. It contains the
    flags, directories and options if its dependencies. The conans CONANFILE
    should use these flags to pass them to the underlaying build system (Cmake, make),
    so deps info is managed

    def __init__(self):
        super(DepsCppInfo, self).__init__()
        self._dependencies = OrderedDict()
        self._configs = {}

    def __getattr__(self, config):
        return self._configs.setdefault(config, _BaseDepsCppInfo())

    def configs(self):
        return self._configs

    def dependencies(self):
        return self._dependencies.items()

    def deps(self):
        return self._dependencies.keys()

    def __getitem__(self, item):
        return self._dependencies[item]

    def add(self, pkg_name, cpp_info):
        assert pkg_name == str(cpp_info), "'{}' != '{}'".format(pkg_name, cpp_info)
        assert isinstance(cpp_info, (CppInfo, DepCppInfo))
        self._dependencies[pkg_name] = cpp_info
        super(DepsCppInfo, self).update(cpp_info)
        for config, cpp_info in cpp_info.configs.items():
            self._configs.setdefault(config, _BaseDepsCppInfo()).update(cpp_info)