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# bernard

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> `bernard` is a Node.js graceful exit manager

<img src="/docs/logo.png" alt="bernard graceful exit manager for javascript"/>

## Table of Contents

* [Introduction](#introduction)
* [Installing](#installing)
* [Usage](#usage)
* [Contributing and help](#contributing)
    * [Criticism](#criticism)
    * [Developing](#developing)
    * [Bug reports, feature requests and discussion](#contributing)
* [License](#license)
* [Frequently Asked Questions](#faq)

## <a name="introduction"></a> Introduction

Services should exit when asked to or when a no busines logic related error happens. When this happens, chances are the service is still processing some requests. An immediate exit can disrupt this requests and cause (specially in non-transacting environments like microservices) data inconsistencies.

Rescue-parachute helps to stop the execution in an ordered manner. For example, stopping the web server from receiving new requests, then the database connection and finally closing the process.

## <a name="installing"></a> Installing

npm install --save bernard

## <a name="usage"></a> Usage

Here you have a illustrative example on how to use it with Express:

const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const server = app.listen(9000);

const Bernard = require('bernard');
const bernard = new Bernard();

    title: 'Express Server',
    handler: function() {
        return server.close();

More examples available in `docs/examples` directory.

## <a name="contributing"></a> Contributing and help

### <a name="criticism"></a> Criticism
If you think something could be done better or simply sucks, bring up a issue on the [tracker](https://github.com/fcanela/bernard/issues). Don't be shy. I really love feedback and technical discussions.

### <a name="developing"></a> Developing
Pull requests are welcome (and will make me cry in joy). Also, did I already say that I **love** technical discussions? Feel free to open a issue on the [tracker](https://github.com/fcanela/bernard/issues) if you have any doubt.

### <a name="bugs"></a> Bug reports, feature requests and discussion

Use the [GitHub issue tracker](https://github.com/fcanela/bernard/issues) to report any bugs or file feature requests. In case you found a bug and have no GitHub account, feel free to email me: fcanela.dev at gmail dot com.

## <a name="license"></a> License

Copyright (c) 2017 Francisco Canela. Licensed under the MIT license.

## <a name="faq"></a> Frequently Asked Questions

### Should I use it in my project?

Probably not. At least, not yet. I usually follow __semver__ for modules versioning and while it is at 0.x.x you can expect breaking changes.

### This project documentation sucks

Yes, I know. Unfortunately I have limited time resources. Feel free to open a issue or sumbit a pull request if you can help me improving this.

### Who draw the Saint Bernard?

I am unable to draw a circle. Gladly, my girlfriend, Maria Bonete, has more artistical skills. She did it.

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