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# rubyserial

RubySerial is a simple Ruby gem for reading from and writing to serial ports.

Unlike other Ruby serial port implementations, it supports all of the most popular Ruby implementations (MRI, JRuby, & Rubinius) on the most popular operating systems (OSX, Linux, & Windows). And it does not require any native compilation thanks to using RubyFFI [https://github.com/ffi/ffi](https://github.com/ffi/ffi).

The interface to RubySerial should be (mostly) compatible with other Ruby serialport gems, so you should be able to drop in the new gem, change the `require` and use it as a replacement. If not, please let us know so we can address any issues.

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## Installation

    $ gem install rubyserial

## Usage

require 'rubyserial'
serialport = Serial.new '/dev/ttyACM0' # Defaults to 9600 baud, 8 data bits, and no parity
serialport = Serial.new '/dev/ttyACM0', 57600
serialport = Serial.new '/dev/ttyACM0', 19200, 8, :even

## Methods

**write(data : String) -> Int**

Returns the number of bytes written.
Emits a `RubySerial::Error` on error.

**read(length : Int) -> String**

Returns a string up to `length` long. It is not guaranteed to return the entire
length specified, and will return an empty string if no data is
available. Emits a `RubySerial::Error` on error.

**getbyte -> Fixnum or nil**

Returns an 8 bit byte or nil if no data is available.
Emits a `RubySerial::Error` on error.


A wrapper error type that returns the underlying system error code and inherits from IOError.

## Running the tests

The test suite is written using rspec, just use the `rspec` command.

### Test dependencies

To run the tests on OS X and Linux, you must also have the `socat` utility program installed.

#### Installing socat on OS X

brew install socat

#### Installing socat on Linux

sudo apt-get install socat

#### Test on Windows

To run the tests on Windows requires com0com which can be downloaded from here:


## License

Apache 2.0. See `LICENSE` for more details.