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# AbstractTransitionController
An abstract transition controller that can be used for transitioning elements

## Installation

yarn add transition-controller

npm i -S transition-controller

## Documentation

- [📗 General documentation](
- [📘 TypeDoc documentation](
- [📚 All documentation](

## Example
I've included an example setup where you can see the transition controller in action, to run the project follow these steps:

- `git clone`
- `cd transition-controller/example`
- `yarn`
- `yarn dev`
- Open your browser `localhost:8080`

or click [this link]( to preview online

## Building

In order to build transition-controller, ensure that you have [Git]( and [Node.js]( installed.

Clone a copy of the repo:
git clone

Change to the transition-controller directory:
cd transition-controller

Install dev dependencies:

Use one of the following main scripts:
yarn build            # build this project
yarn dev              # run compilers in watch mode, both for babel and typescript
yarn test             # run the unit tests incl coverage
yarn test:dev         # run the unit tests in watch mode
yarn lint             # run eslint and tslint on this project
yarn doc              # generate typedoc documentation

When installing this module, it adds a pre-commit hook, that runs lint and prettier commands
before committing, so you can be sure that everything checks out.

## Authors
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## Contribute
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## License
[MIT](./LICENSE) © Lars van Braam