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# Public Lab Code of Conduct 

_Public Lab, 55 Cromwell Street, 1C, Providence, RI 02907_

We are coming together with an intent to care for ourselves and one another as we produce knowledge in pursuit of environmental justice. For this to work for everybody, individual decisions will not be allowed to run counter to the welfare of other people. We—visitors, community members, community moderators, staff, organizers, sponsors, and all others—hold ourselves accountable to the same values regardless of position or experience. This community aspires to be a respectful place both during online and in-person interactions so that all people are able to fully participate with their dignity intact. This document is a piece of the culture we're creating.

This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Public Lab community and non-profit, both online and in person. It provides a clear set of practical guidelines for events led by organizers and community members, multi-day events such as Barnraisings, and online venues such as the website, comment threads on software platforms, chatrooms, our mailing lists, the issue tracker, and any other forums created by Public Lab which the community uses for communication. For interactions with additional groups, see our Partnership Guidelines at

To read the full Code of Conduct and learn how to contact the Conduct Committee or the Moderators group, see: