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# Link Library
*A Link to the Web*

### [Reference]( How to use Link with React

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This package aims to make building rich web applications quick and easy by providing all the tools
needed to work with linked data, providing high-level API's for view rendering, data querying
& manipulation, and API communication. See the [link-redux]( package on how to
use this in a React project.

To transform your Rails application into a linked-data serving beast, see our
[Active Model Serializers plugin](

This was built at [Argu](, if you like what we do, these technologies
or open data, send us [a mail](

## Example
See the [TODO app]( for a live example and
[link-redux-todo]( for the implementation. Mind that it isn't connected to
a back-end, so it's only a demo for the view rendering mechanism.

## Installation

`yarn add link-lib`

and some peer dependencies:

`yarn add @ontologies/as @ontologies/core @ontologies/schema @ontologies/shacl @ontologies/xsd http-status-codes n-quads-parser`

The package externalizes the Promise API, so make sure to include your own when targeting platforms without native

# Usage

See the [Hypermedia API page]( for documentation on how to
execute actions against the service.

See [Link Redux]( for documentation on how to use Link in a React application.

# Contributing

The usual stuff. Open an issue to discuss a change, open PR's from topic-branches targeted to master for bugfixes and